[C7-] RM5.1 Rules - Several show "*BROKEN*" Since 2.3.2.x update

Several rules show "BROKEN" in the list (I've seen this on any/all of the public 2.3.2 versions--at least up through

When I go into the rule then click done, it goes away.

I've cleared all of the broken ones that way--only to have more pop up later. No idea what's causing it--as simply opening then clicking "Done" seems to clear the "BROKEN".

At the moment, it appears to be only RM 5.1 rules. Not sure what it might be.


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Here's the app:

After opening the RM App, it shows this now:


For some reason that I have not found yet, sometimes this returns a false positive -- that is it says a rule is BROKEN when its not. If you open one that says BROKEN, and that clears it up, you are good to go, and there is no problem.

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I had this happen in beta, opened it up and it went away, never came back again.

Did it happen in response to hitting the button in Rule Machine parent app?

I had to go see what button you were talking about. I did not even know there was a "Find Broken Rules" button honestly. I think it happened when I first updated to 2.3.2 and rebooted. I think I posted a report but as you said here, you had no idea why it did it. It was one rule for me. I only had the one and never saw any others.

I just clicked the find button, and no broken rules for me it says.


My screen doesn't display properly after the update. I can't even see what device is what as the side navigation tree blocks my devices. Seems to only affect google chrome browser

I've had this issue a few times with the latest couple of updates. My rules did stop working but just as the guys said, they resolved themselves once opened up and I hit done.

AFAIK you don't even have to hit Done.

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