[C7 .158] Should I have Z-Wave Logs?

I've seen a few posts (including screenshots) where people are discussing what appears to be logging from the Z-Wave logs (Settings -> Z-Wave Details -> Z-Wave Logs). My C7 has been running for a few weeks now, with a few devices added and my Z-Wave Logs have been blank the whole time. Are they only live logs, in which case, I've never monitored it live, so it makes sense, or should it 'keep' the past logs, which means since mine is blank, I have some issue?

And, for the record, I don't have any issues, so the proper answer is "Who cares, leave it alone!" :slight_smile:

Only live logs, and I'll be blunt in saying that sometimes that screen doesn't log anything at all.

I would not use the zwave log for anything important, as that log often does not show everything (or even most zwave traffic in some cases). As such it could be misleading.


I was just trying to use the z-wave log to monitor activity coming from my Inovelli Red SN switch. The open z-wave log was completely blank while I had a stream of commands on the "regular" log. C7

It only logs packets that were sent from the hub.. I admit this has very little utility and plan to do something better with this function in the future.


Thanks and FYI I'm delighted with what seems to be a general increase in the performance of my hub with the 2.3.1 firmware updates.


Although the dramatic increase in z-wave reliability with the 7.17.1 firmware will likely also reduce the need for even more in-depth logging.

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That might be somewhat wishful thinking. :slight_smile:

There are a number of reasons that more complete, two-way logging can be useful. Especially when dealing with cantankerous devices. :slight_smile:

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