C5 to C8 Migration - Maker API POST callbacks no longer working


I just migrated from a C5 to a C8 using the official migration path (i.e. all settings should have been restored to be exactly the same). I have two instances of the Maker API app; I noticed that my external integrations can call the Hubitat's Maker API as usual, but Hubitat isn't sending POST requests to the "URL to POST device events to" I've configured for either Maker API app (one is for Node-RED, the other is for Home Assistant). In other words, my Maker API integrations can call Hubitat fine, but Hubitat isn't calling them via its POST callbacks as it was before.

I'm using the same static IP address for both the old and the new hubs. I never have both turned on at the same time. I've enabled debug logging for the Maker API apps but I'm not seeing anything unusual in those logs. I'm only using local network calls for the integrations, no cloud or internet involved.

Also, I have HTTP access logs enabled on the server that the Maker API is configured to send POSTs to. The access logs show that no requests are being received from the C-8 hub. If I switch back to my old C-5 hub, the same access logs show frequent POSTs as I would expect.

I've tried changing the POST URL to something else then changing it back (hoping that would help "reinitialize" things), and I've also rebooted the hub several times to no avail. Also, creating a new Maker API app doesn't fix things (i.e. no POSTs happening for new Maker API apps either).

I have screenshots of the Maker API configuration and debug logs, but apparently my account is too new to attach images to posts. I'm going to browse around and see if I can attach photos to a later post.

Any ideas as to what I could try next?


Join the Hub Owners forum group and you will be able to post images.

And welcome to the forum!

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Are you POSTing to an IP address or a hostname? Either way, make sure one is routable from the other. For a hostname, you'd need to pay particular attention to make sure your DNS servers are set correctly (should come down fine via DHCP, but a consideration if you're using static or something is wrong with your DHCP).

You can use the Network Test tool under Network Setup to test reachability by IP or hostname to other hosts, with this sounding like a possibility as to the cause of your problem: Network Setup | Hubitat Documentation


Thank you! That was just the clue I needed. I am POSTing to an internal DNS hostname (nested under a personal .com domain of mine); using Hubitat's Network Tools to ping internal hostnames gave me a Name or service not known error. After manually overriding Hubitat's DNS to point at my internal DNS resolver then rebooting, the Maker API is making POSTs again! My integrations are working like they should.

Kinda strange that this behavior is different on the C-8 than it was on the C-5 (I don't think I had to manually override DNS on the C-5 hub). My DHCP server hands out my internal DNS server IP as part of its DHCP leases, the C-5 hub seemed to respect that out of the box. I have a static DHCP reservation in place for the Hubitat's MAC address, so while Hubitat always has the same IP, from its perspective it's just using regular ol' DHCP. Whenever I switch between the C-5 and C-8 hubs, I'm just updating the MAC address for the static DHCP reservation so that the same IP is used for both hubs.

Anyway, glad things are working again. Thank you @bertabcd1234!

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