C5 not connecting

Hello everyone,

I seem to have trouble connecting to the C5. Whenever I type in the ip address associated with it, I get an Error 500. I wasn't the one who originally set up all of the Hubitat stuff so I'm a bit lost and over my head. My dad was the one who set it up originally but he passed away recently. I turned off my modem and router earlier today to restart the internet and things haven't been turning on by themselves. However, I'm able to turn things on through my phone in the C7 dashboard. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

go to yourhubip:8081 and do a soft reset and restore from a previous backup on reboot and see if that cures you.

Thanks! That brought it back. I'm having another issue right now where the motion detection isn't working anymore. Should I do a soft reset/restore from previous on my C7 as well? I'm looking at the logs and I'm able to see that the motion detector is able to sense movement, but the light isn't turning on.

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