C4 hub won’t power on

Out of blue found it offline. Power cycled it. Won’t turn on. I’ve waited about 10 seconds during power cycle.

When powering it on I Get a red light for 30?seconds or so. Never gets an IP.

Read about power supply problem but not sure it applies since I get the red light

Could still be a power problem, and is relatively easy and cheap to test/eliminate as an issue.

Another thing to try would be seeing if you can access the diagnostic tool. Probably not if you only have a red light (unlike the C-5 and later, the C-4 does not distinguish between green/blue, but red is probably worse in any case), but at least it might give you some clues--and some hope if you can actually get to it.

Thanks. Not getting an IP address so no go there.

Sounding bad… Any ideas @bobbyD ?

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I have to agree, there :disappointed:

@jkilgour if you didn't already, please be sure to send us an email at support@hubitat.com.

Done. Thanks.

Do you at least get a link light on your switch for the port your Hubitat is plugged in to?

Negative ghost rider. Seems it's the power supply or the unit is dead but tend to think power supply.

Strangely enough it's back online. I noticed randomly. I have to assume this is not normal though. Anybody ever see the thing constantly re-starting?

I do have a ticket and it was deemed dead.. I did ask for a review of logs.

That is usually a sign of a power supply that has gone bad.

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Or broken solder joints where the micro USB connector joins to the PC board.


The C-3/C-4 had a barrel type connector that is supposedly less susceptible to the microUSB power connector issues in later versions.


Mine is a c4 with barrel. I know some have suggested 3rd party power supplies - is that for micro usb? I could not find the thread.

It is for any power supply that is failing, You can get one off Amazon.

My error, I learned something new.

Make sure you get the correct polarity, voltage, and diameter. I’ve got some that are 12 V, some that are 5 V, some with different polarity, and some with different diameters.

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