C4, 2.3.5, Hue Outdoor Sensors question

Has anyone upgraded a C4 to 2.3.5,latest, and still have a working zigbee network and functional Hue Outdoor Motion sensors? Or are all the zigbee issues related to the C8?

I have a 5 and 7 just upgraded. Only one outdoor hue but it worked on one and I moved it to the other and still works.

From what Iā€™m reading the issues are contained to the C-8 and its new chip, and those are slowly being dealt with.

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Agree, I don't remember seeing C5 users bringing up these issues, just those who've migrated to a C8.

I agree most all the issues being reported are with the C8. However, I've not seen any reports stating "2,3,5 works great with the C4 (or C5, C7)" and don't want to jeapordize my solid working system.


FWIW, my Hue Outdoor Sensor fell off my C-8. I moved it back to my C-5 running .110, and it was completely solid. I decided to tempt fate and move it back to my C-8. It's been fine there for 5 days, now. I updated to .113, and it's still fine.

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People don't usually show up at forums to say "Things are fine, nothing to see here." :wink:

If you don't see a stream of reported C3/C5/C7 problems related to the 2.3.5 FW it's likely because they don't exist. I have running on a C7 and haven't seen any issues with it. Seems the same as it was on previous FWs.

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