C by GE Light Bulbs support

It's probably a long shot at this point, since these devices are Bluetooth as far as I know, but any chance that de C by GE Light Bulbs will be supported at some point? Or does anyone know of a custom driver that already does?

HE doesn't have a Bluetooth radio. So, you'd need a "man-in-the-middle" setup with some other device communicating with the bulbs.

Yes that makes sense. All my Google Home speakers have Bluetooth and that's how they actually communicate with those C by GE bulbs (they're the ones that come in the Google Home Mini/Smart Lighting starter kits). Any way to exploit that? :slight_smile:

Yes, you can use assistant relay to issue commands to your Google connected devices. But, it's not going to be as fast as a regular switch. I don't know if you're going to like it for lights. I would personally only use it for stuff like a roomba or something like that.

If you do a search here on the forum for Assistant Relay you can find the driver from @ogiewon. I'd post it for you but I'm on my phone. :grin:

I see. Hmm interesting. I mainly want to use it to turn on my bedroom lights (that happen to be those C by GE bulbs) if one of my contact sensors gets opened during the night (ie my house gets broken into) to wake me up. I probably don't care if that takes a second to happen.

Ok thanks. I'll find it.

Here you go...

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Thank you. Looks like I need to get myself another Raspberry Pi :slight_smile: I guess I can try to install it on my Home Assistant one first.....

Just be sure to use Node v8. The newer versions of Node do not work with Assistant-Relay. Also, IPv6 is also known to cause issues.

Just found out today that you can control c by ge bulbs through Google Home. Does anyone know if we can integrate into Hubitat now?

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Read the thread above... the only way I know to control those bulbs is to use the Google Assistant Relay and issue custom commands via Google.