C-8 Zigbee Radio Off/On Events

Today the Zigbee radio in my C-8 turned off and then back on. This was happening pretty regularly under .113, but it hasn't happened since. I'm on .121, and since updating to that version my Zigbee has been really solid. Even my outdoor Hue Motion Sensor has remained online.

There's nothing in the logs or in stats from Hub Info that would indicate a severe load or other problems.

The zigbee mesh appears to be slowly rebuilding itself. But I'm not sure why this happens or if I should be doing anything when it does.

@support_team? @bobbyD?

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Twins! all of these offline\online moments happened today for some reason.

Didn't notice any problems with Zigbee today.

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I haven't added any devices. I've been afraid to touch anything, since it's all been working OK. I haven't even changed any rules.

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Go for it (rules, anyway). :wink:

I think you'll be fine to add new devices, had not been an issue for me.

I exaggerated a bit. I don't have any new devices to add and nothing has dropped since .121. And I was too busy with other things today to mess with anything. I was really surprised when the zigbee radio went offline because nothing really was happening.

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plus 1 for on and off, mine is getting progressively worse. To the point the Zigbee completely shuts down

Not seeing this on mine, but I am still on 118, too, which may/may not be relevant.

I didn't see it at all on .118. It happened frequently on .113, and now on .121.

At least I know I'm not alone. I'd love to hear something official about this, though. @mike.maxwell maybe?

Your not alone @jabecker , I am curious now if rolling back would help.

I've not seen any differences in the frequency of offline messages based on any of the recent platform versions.
If you thought there were less of them on 118, then just flip back to it to verify

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@mike.maxwell I really meant the zigbee going offline in general. Iā€™m sure you are all working on this. Is there any fix in the works?

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Updated to .123. We'll see what that brings.

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After a rocky starty, my Zigbee devices had been largely hanging on o.k. until .123. However since upgrading to .123 I have several devices (not just hues) drop off and have to be mainly re-paried again unfortunately. Just rolled back to .121.

However my zigbee radio has been going offline every hour or so - but can go on and offline several times in an hour - with no indication as to why in the logs (my C8 just holds all zigbee and zwave devices with rules etc. run on other hubs). This has pretty much been the case since I first got the C8 and not related to the latest update.

For instance, its gone on and off 3 times in the last 2.5 hours.

Doesn't seem to be related to hub load or any other cause that I can see. But unfortunately .123 didn't seem to fix it.

Yup. Staying on 118 until this gets sorted out, and is confirmed to being sorted. :slight_smile:

Mine recently on .123:

Quieter leading up to .123:

But no noticed missed events/automations on .123, aside from one entry into a room where motion should have turned on a light and didn't.

My Zigbee and Zwave radios have been perfect for a week now :crazy_face:

Just waiting for the Hubitat Team to get this worked out. Hopefully sooner then later.


Oh man, super self-jinx. :scream:

Stay home for the next few days, preferably in bed, and only eat jello and applesauce (avoid choking hazards). Pre-dial 911 on your phone and be very still... :wink: :rofl:

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