C-8 Sunrise and Sunset Broken

I recently migrateded to a C-8 hub (a week ago) froma C-5 and have noticed that all of my automation that use sunrise and Sunset to restrict them are not doing so. They run all day regardless of how I setup the restriction. I tried adding a positive offset based on some old issues I found in another topic, which successfully restricted the app, until the next morning where it promptly returned to no longer being restricted during the day as I have it set to do.

Note how it doesn't show restricted next to the app "Turn on entrance light when front door lock unlocked". This is a new version of the automation I created after the first one from the old hub wasn't restricting either. Obviously, that didn't solve the problem.
Here are a couple other shots that may be pertinent, or not.

not a solution but my restrictions by time and mode are still working.. maybe you can use that till fixed if it is indeed a bug.

That's what I was thinking as well, but it's a real shame as it was working perfectly fine on my c-5 last week. That, and where I live in Canada, Sunset and sunrise vary by about 5 hours each from solstice to solstice... so using a time is definitely not preferable.

Check you location (lat/long), time zone and current time on the Settings / Hub Details page. Perhaps hit Update there... There is nothing about C-8 that would affect these types of restrictions.

That was the first thing I checked. The long/lat, time, time zone, and displayed sunrise and sunset times are all correct. It makes no sense to me why it should make a difference being a new hub either, but thats literally the only thing that's changed since everything worked fine on my previous hub. I just refreshed the location data now, buts it's after sunset now, so I'll have to wait until morning to see if that made any difference at all.

Interestingly enough, I just reversed the times to only be active during the day and now it's restricted. I'll put it back and see if it holds come morning. Fingers crossed as I already had it restrict properly once by adding an offset, but it broke again at the next sunrise or sunset.

Nope, none of the above worked. Come sunrise this morning, no automations went into restricted as they should have. I'm out of ideas.

Please show a screenshot of a specific rule that is not working. If you have a computer, please use that instead of mobile.

I updated the software to the latest build and it seems to be working properly again. Not sure what the culprit was, I'm just glad it works again.