C-8 Migration and Sharptools

same problem. really hope I don't have to re-do all my dashboards

Josh from SharpTools just replied:

Looks like it might be some time. I'll probably just rebuild my dashboards

Really? :man_facepalming:


What if we fire back up the C7 hub and remove all zwave and zigbee devices from it then setup a mesh and use the C7 for sharptools plus any other intense applications like echo speeks?

The meshed devices would have a new device ID, so I do not think those would link to your existing tiles either.

If the devices have been migrated to the new hub and then are meshed back to the old hub, the devices themselves would all have new IDs.

I suspect that we should be able to repurpose our migration tools as we had some cases like this in mind when we originally built the migration tools and tried to put some basic extensibility in place. We need some time to look into it, but I have your email message, so I'll reply to that once we have a beta version together.


Thanks for working on this because it would take me a long time to re-create all of my dashboards.

Ditto ...

Oh this is bad and not really described ANYWHERE until you have the problem and go searching for the fix.

I guess the small print calls this out, but this needs to be pinned with a BIG NOTICE. What a mess now. I would left the C-8 in the box until there was a migration solution. Really not happy at the moment.

@bobbyD can you get this is


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I just wrapped up the tests on the SharpTools Hubitat C8 migration tools and released them into beta. I suspect that anyone who bought a C8 on day 1 and migrated on day 2 is somewhat of an early adopter, so if you want to try out the beta migration tools, let me know.

Edit2: :tada: We've had a number of people successfully use the migration tool, so I've released it to production in a self-serve format for anyone to use:

See the help article for details: Hubitat Migration Tool - SharpTools Knowledge Base


I just did my Sharptools migration and yahoo everything is working again. Thanks guys for putting that tool together.


just sent my info.

Josh thank you as always for your dedication!

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Glad it has been a smooth migration for everyone with the new tools in place!


I've never seen any 3rd party app developer create more enhancements and faster fixes than SharpTools.


Dang, had no idea I would lose my sharptools after a migration. Shame on me for not doing my re-search. I just sent you an email with my info as requested. Need this fixed so my wife stops with the stink-eye.

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Just responded. The migration tool should get you taken care of. :grinning:

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Man, that was fast and on a Saturday too! The Sharptools migration app worked great and was really easy to use. One rule did not transfer and I'm missing my smarttools weather tile, but I think I just need to re-auth that still. Was almost in a panic when all the dashboards were dead. Thanks so much for your super fast help with this.

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Worked perfectly!

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:tada: Just an update that we've released the SharpTools Hubitat (C8) migration tools in a self-serve format for anyone to use. Thanks again to everyone who helped beta test!


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