C-8 Local DNS/DHCP Name Resolution

My upgrade from C-7 to C-8 went quickly and smoothly. I have one issue that needed to be resolved. Both my C-7 (before upgrade) and C-8 are configured with a wired network and not using Wi-Fi. The local router provides DHCP and local name resolution. The router knows my hub and sets a fixed static IP address for the hub. The hub is using DHCP.

I have several rules that use HTTP Send GET. I am using the local name of the device in the URL and not the local IP address. After I upgraded, these rules on the C-8 did not work. I could not ping any local device using the local name in the Network Test ping.

To fix this and resolve this issue, I changed the Override DNS Settings to include both and (previously Override DNS was empty/blank). After adding the IP address for my router using this means, the apps using HTTP Send GET work as expected and the Network Test ping with local device names also works.

I don't think this behavior is correct for the C-8 since it should automatically use the DNS from the DHCP server as well as other DNS nameservers provided from DHCP. The C-7 and other computers on my local network resolve local names properly without any special direction to use the router/DHCP server as a DNS.

You may be right about a DHCP or DNS glitch. I use redundant PiHoles for DNS. I noticed the C8 wasn't logging DNS lookups on either Pi so I used override DNS and C8 started logging. I believe C8 was using DHCP assignment from router which should have set the Piholes for DNS server by default. I can't recall setting a static IP and DNS. Let's see if someone has any issues.

Thank you for verifying that you are seeing similar behavior on your C8. I hope this will be addressed in a future firmware update so I can remove my Override DNS/work-around.