C-8 is not supposed to be on a network switch?

I just ordered a new C-8 mostly cause I want the ability to backup ZigBee

I was watching the live video and someone said that you should not put the HE on a network switch. My C-5 is currently on a switch and i have no problem, I use a PfSence firewall that does not have any ports other then then a single LAN port, connected to a few 24 port PoE switches, is this gonna be a problem? Why did he say not to connect the hub to a switch?


I think that was said in the sense of not putting it physically on top of or super close to a switch / wifi router to avoid oversaturating the radios and chips in the Hubitat. It wasn't super clearly explained, but the next comment Mike made was talking about how many devices he had right next to each other.

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Mike also mentioned it was a Unifi switch and if it's anything like mine, they get HOT and would not be a good resting spot for a HE hub.

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I agree with the above made remarks about heat dissipation etc. That and the interference of power adapters, usb3 ports and possibly wifi radios so close to your zigbee radio might cause your zigbee network to be unreliable. So with the ethernet port on board, a cabled network connection will always provide better network stability and provides the ability to set up the hub at a distance from the switch or AP.

Yes. @mike.maxwell was simply saying don't stack everything on top of eachother. He does it because he's a rebel but it's a good rule of thumb


A separation holds for all of the Hubs and all rf emitting devices (and some rf noisy power devices). Being too close together, there is a potential for one to interfere with the rf reception of the other - effectively breaking the controller-device link. Distance is several feet in most cases; however, if you are having hub-wide issues, relocating the hub should be one of the troubleshooting steps.

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Ahh, ok. Well my hub is connected to the switch but it 50 ft away (if not more ) in a different room. I understand not to leave it on top of it.

I was worried that a layer 2 or 3 switch would cause issues. Glad to know it's just not to be kept physically close.