C-8 from C-5 and Hubitat iPad and iPhone apps Dysfunctional -SMS is DEAD!

Installed my new C-8 and removed my C-5 this morning.
Only process hiccup was I should have shutdown the C-5 before removing it.

NEW Problems with the Hubitat app on the iPad and on the iPhone.
iPhone first - it basically works but only LOCALLY in my network. Before this I could access the dashboards from anywhere. That was the feature that kept me going with Hubitat and now it is gone. Are they forcing us to now pay for remote administration or what?

iPad - Same app on different device. Cannot even get to the dashboard.
Keep seeing "Loading Mobile Devices" and get nowhere.
Deleted the app and installed it twice.

No longer get SMS messages or Pushover messages.

This is an unmitigated disaster. The C-8 migration has destroyed all that I liked about Hubitat.

Make sure your C-8 has cloud access. Are you using a static IP or DHCP?

Question: How were you getting SMS messages from Hubitat on your C-5?
(The ability to send SMS messages has not been present on Hubitat for a couple of years (at least)).

The Hubitat app (on the IPhone) receives "notifications" from your Hubitat hub, but it also has to be setup to work (it creates a device on the Hubitat hub).

Pushover needs to be setup for it to work on a new output device. Otherwise it seems to work fine for me from a C-8.

SMS was through Twillio.com.

I had Pushover and SMS back for a while after messing with the DNS setting in Hubitat-Settings.
Weird as there was no reason for the new local IP for the C-8 to behave any differently than the one used for the C-5.
Just swapped the the assigned local IPs for the C-8 to the one used by the C-5 and vice versa. Got the notifications back and then it all stopped working again while solving an ornery network.

Now holding the C-8 innocent of most (maybe all charges) but still fighting through all the ramifications of moving things in my network.

Cannot see why the new local IP caused any issue at all with the DNS resolutions. I add stuff all the time.

Crazy morning.


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Do you have DNS services configured on the C-8? It appears as if you are setting a static IP - if that is the case, you must configure DNS servers manually.

And if you're doing that (setting fixed IPs on the HE hubs), you'll have better/easier time of it if instead you set your IP reservations on your router. Much better (IMHO) to manage IP control in one place - on your router.

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The Hubitat and most other devices on my network have static addresses assigned by the router. When adding the C-8, I gave it a new static IP for the migration. My original plan was to then swap the two Hubitat IPs to keep the same IP for the C-8 as previously used by the C-5 (then it is retired).

Things were going well on the new IP until I did more things and found the reported problems. Did not initially see the connection between the new IP and problems. Hubitat ought to make this clear in the migration instructions.

I would have considered the migration would have been better to link the two Hubitats over the local to which they were both connected anyway. But the cloud worked well.

This has nothing to do with migration. It has to do with the fact that without access to DNS servers, the hub will be unable to resolve names to addresses. As a consequence, all cloud-dependent integrations will fail.

And this is already in the hub's documentation.


To @aaiyar 's comment. For now, press the network reset button on the bottom of the hub for 7 seconds with a toothpick or paperclip (it is located in the only round hole out of all the square ones). Once it comes back up, check cloud connectivity again (also update to the latest platform version, .103)

I just did as you suggested though my Hubitat has been acting as expected with full connectivity since I addressed the network idiosyncrasy on Friday. Still have Internet after the reset button reset completed.

I've done the ...102 and ...103 updates as they showed up with no issues, none expected.
I verify I have Internet connectivity two ways: 1) a "Check for Updates" works and 2) I run a smoke detector self test and get both my Pushover alert and SMS via Twillio.

The C-8 graces my network shelving with its rabbit ears. Two bad they need to stay vertical. So much more rabbit like if they were at an angle.

I consider this closed, but with an unexplained original cause.