C-8 available in Canada?

Is the C-8 available to purchase in Canada or do we need to purchase directly from the Hubitat main site? If latter, will there be additional shipping, custom, duties, etc.?

I went the latter as Aartech didn't have it on the list yet.
Shipping was 22.00 USD at checkout.

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You can always purchase from hubitat.com, but we have no control over customs delays and may occur additional duties or taxes. Our Canadian partner has C-8 inventory. Check out thier website here:


Ha. The dudes should have been in sync with your release that day.
I ordered direct as the page only had the C7 :frowning:
Bye Bye free shipping.

The only folks who have set alarms to wake up in the middle of the night to be in sync with our schedule were the folks at Ultrasmart.pl. Most others went live early in the morning.


Yeah, I put my patience somewhere :wink:
With this consiracy chip shortage (hahahaha) I just had to BUY BUY BUY in case you put up the "Sold Out" sign within hours.

Damn it!
donated my shipping too!

I ordered mine from Aartech this afternoon.

Not sure when I'll receive it, but didn't want to play the with potential UPS or DHL brokerage fees.
$243 Canadian taxes in (Ontario)

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Thank you everyone for your replies.

I ended up ordering from Aartech just now for the promotional price and free shipping. I too decided not to take any chances with the brokerage fees, duties, etc.,

Been an C-5 user for some time and happy to migrate over to this new C-8.


Shipping is USPS so hopefully no $$$ issues.

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