C-7 zwave crashed and now cannot control any zwave devices

My C7 hub is on platform and has been rock solid for at least a year. It is because it has been so reliable that I hesitate to take my C8 out of the box.

Awoke this morning to my C-7 being unable to control Zwave devices from dashboard or device pages.

Rebooted and I could control SOME of my zwave devices. Also, could not enroll (join) any new zwave devices.

Most devices on the zwave detials page have no routes:

app:29162023-04-09 05:42:50.180 AMinfo))) Zwave Crashed # 1 on C7-1 at 5:42 AM on Apr-09-2023 ---

Is it time for a soft reset and perhaps power down for a few minutes and load a backup from a couple days ago?

I would just shut down from Settings > Shut Down, wait until the LED turns red, unplug the hub from wall power for at least about 30 seconds, then plug it back in. This will fully power cycle the Z-Wave radio and is one solution to a crash if the hub doesn't bring it back on its own (it's supposed to, so this is rarely necessary anymore, but it can't hurt). Contrary to some advice, just 30 seconds would be enough for this.

A soft reset or restore is unlikely to help, as that affects only the regular hub database, not the Z-Wave radio contents. But if it does keep happening, it may be good to see if you can figure anything else out. Nodes 0x4F and 0x56, for example, look suspicious in your screenshot and would be good to remove if you can (but see if they look normal again after the full restart just in case it's so messed up that this display isn't right, I suppose!).


I would take @bertabcd1234 's advice. The routes will show as the device gets used. But you do have 2 ghosts though that should be removed. They'll inhibit your mesh

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I had this same thing happy...Z-Wave started acting wonky.

Reboot - didn't fix it.

Powered down, removed power for about 2 minutes, restarted.

Now, everything is fine.

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I had the same z-wave thing happen to me last night.

It came back before I did the shutdown power cycle thing.

Things were 'snappy' before, and snappy after.

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Thanks for all the replies. Up and running again. I'll try to keep this tip in mind for the future. Thanks again - you all made my week. :+1:t2: