C-7, z-wave inclusion, refresh and route

I'd to better understand some of the new z-wave features of the c-7 and the inclusion process.

A little background, I've used a c-4 for almost 2 years and z-wave has worked really well. I migrated to the c-7 several weeks back, manually adding all my z-wave devices and now have some z-wave trouble. I first had trouble including the devices in the c-7 and found that it worked much better if I could get the c-7 very close to the device I was trying to include (using a USB battery and long Ethernet cable). I later read that it was important to include your devices in a certain order (closes to furthest).


  • In the long run, does the inclusion order or distance matter? Especially after running a Z-wave repair?
  • What does the "refresh" button do in the Z-wave settings menu?
  • If I have a device that is included, but not work very well (9.6 kbps, long route and slow to respond), is there any value in excluding and then re-including the device? ...will it clean something up?

I was always told that it was the best to start with closest to the hub and work outwards. That way they could build their mesh properly. However, real world experiences always seemed to differ. For a number of devices I would have to actually move them closer to the hub to get them to exclude/include. Especially exclusion. I ended up using the aeotec z-stick and carrying it around to do the exclusion as it had a battery in it. That made things so much better. The inclusion wasn't as picky.

I was told this forces a refresh for a specific node. You can see it in the logs too. It takes time though and sometimes the route listed on the page doesn't match whats listed in the logs. I wouldn't trust it too much until they iron out the bugs.

Try a refresh, and even a repair. See what happens. I have a few devices listed as that on the zwave page but in the logs it says 100. They work fine though.