C-7 Z-Wave Inclusion Issues

I didn't think I could pair the Ring v2 range extenders unauthenticated based on this:

Whoops I think you are right... apologies. My Aeotec has no security my Ring does..

Here is a screen cap of my Aeotec working under C-7

So what's weird is my Ring Extender is not showing up as authenticated and also it is not repeating that I can see on the Z-Wave details page either. Only the Aeotec 7 is... mmmmmm..

I've had similar. It's not just the Rings, I saw the same thing with the Aeotec RE7s. I even excluded my RE7s and included Rings in their place. None of the devices are routing through the Rings. I have over a 100 Z-Wave devices, and only 2 of them had routes going through the RE7 extenders before I excluded them. The 2 devices that were actually using an RE7 route are now unreachable because they still route through the non-existent RE7.

One thing about this. I experienced issues with the built-in driver for the Ring. Once I switched to @bcopeland's driver here, the devices stopped being marked as failed. My guess is that it's associated with the reporting interval. Don't forget to do configure when changing the driver.

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How did you get it to route through the Aeotec? I have one upstairs and nothing is going through it. It is hooked to the hub directly with 100kbps connection and no security set also. Just curious how you got it working.

I dunno.. I added it after the fact and then ran a full repair. Maybe move it closer to the hub.

Thanks I will try his driver but honestly I will likely just remove them from the system since they're doing virtually nothing with only one bulb routing through the range extender that is farthest away from it. And I am about to replace my 15 GoControl LB60Z bulbs with Inovelli LZW42's which will remove the one node that us using them. And figuring the LZW42's will do fine job of acting as repeaters for the whole house. I could also use the 4 outlets that are being tied up.

Agreed. It shouldn't be included in a full repair either.

I continue to be very intrigued by this earlier post from @bcopeland. I was thinking to do a radio reset and try this approach last weekend, but the devs were looking into some Z-Wave timeout exceptions in my logs that they didn't understand and suggested that I hold off.

Once the few remaining issues are resolved, I will still probably do a clean install, with or without the repeaters.

I have 6 ring v2 repeaters. Pretty much nothing routes through any of them today. The 700 radio/antenna combo in the C-7 is strong enough that the vast majority of my devices in my 4000 sqft house want to direct connect to the hub (even if I don't think they should).

HOWEVER, the protocol spec does allow the hub to have a vote on device routing... So maybe in some future release the hub will set the application preferred route (APR) on the device to route through "known good / marked good" repeaters.

Never know...


I as also intrigued by that post but I just keep thinking - I didn't need them with ST and I have a bunch of Bulbs and Outlet Modules that are spaced throughout the entire house and outside that do a fine job of repeating.

But more importantly I like devices that do something such as make pretty colored light or turn a device on/off a module that just sites occupies an outlet is just no fun at all :upside_down_face:

I feel like I might have bought an item to fix a problem that I was not having...hence that fact that nothing routes through these.

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Yes but by the time APR is out we will likely need v3 repeaters...

At this point, the main reason I have a Ring Gen2 Extender--is to detect power outages. :slight_smile:


Due to a county mandated septic system design creating a likelihood that the lower level of the house would be flooded with "bad stuff" if power is lost. I chose to add a very expensive device for detecting and mitigating power outages...a whole house generator and it most certainly makes sure I know the power is out while it fires up.

But all joking aside the Ring Gen2 Extender seemed like it would be the perfect device with the battery being very useful to bridge the gap between power fail and generator on however if no devices are going to route through them it really does me zero good.


I am already inundated with notifications when there is a power outage... I definitely don't need them for that. :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity, are you seeing your Rings double report battery status? I'm seeing the Rings send a battery report, and then another report 20 seconds later.

At noon I removed the 4 Ring Gen2 Extenders, as I stated earlier I showed only 1 device out of my 56 routing through any of the 4. But now that strange thing I had about 20 devices showing 9.6kbps before I removed the extenders now I only have 6 with the majority of the nodes now showing 100kbps. Now this is interesting all 6 that are showing 9.6kbps either route through the Aeotec Siren or the Aeotec Heavy Duty Relay both of which are showing S0 security. So it would seem all this likely has to do with the SO and S2 security.

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So sure enough I took the siren and put it out in the pole barn (cause it has a battery but no signals get in and out of that metal building) I then ran a repair on the 2 nodes and they both went from 9.6kbps to 100kbps with their new routes. The remaining 4 devices go through the well pump relay and if I screw with that right now I think the family will toss me out of the house. Neither the Aeotec siren or the Aeotec Heavy Duty Relay gave me an option to pair without the S0 but sure hope there is a way to do so.