C-7 Web interface not working after the latest firmware update

I can access the interface through the iOS app and get to devices, apps, etc. IP address is the same. Have rebooted numerous times and given it a couple days to settle. Tried several laptop browsers. Using the http: url I had been using for months. Any thoughts? Platform version is

shut down the hub, unplug power at the wall (not the hub) for 5 mins and power back up. See if that fixes it.

Thank you for the suggestion and quick response. Shutdown gracefully, unplugged for 5+ minutes. Started up. Accessible again through phone app, or the phone browser but not the laptop browsers. I tried a tablet and that works. I also tried an old laptop with an out of date OS/browser and that worked too. All of these are on the same Wi-Fi and subnet. Could it be that Hubitat doesn't like Mac OS 12.4 with current Safari, Chrome or Firefox? Could it be that it locked out my laptop based on its MAC or current IP address?

The good news for me is I can work on the hub with a decently sized interface again, even if it is an old laptop.

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I'm on Mac OS 12.5 (and therefore was probably on 12.4) and using Safari and Chrome just fine. I've never seen anything about HE locking anything out. But your issue does defy explanation, at least by me! Could it be as simple as clearing your browser cache?

Are the pc's/laptops on the same subnet as hubitat or seperated by vlan's? This sounds more and more like a network issue than a hubitat one. Are you using DHCP reservations or did you try to set a static IP on the hub?


Using DHCP reservation. I was thinking about making it a static assignment. There are VLANs on the network but nothing has changed in that regard and I am on the subnet as the Hubitat. Tried rebooting the laptop and clearing the browser cache. Just a little befuddling. I'll try changing to a static config and see if that works. Was thinking of rolling back to a prior version but not sure if that will mean I lose connectivity with recently added Z-Wave and Zigbee devices.

Press the reset button on the bottom of the hub for 7 seconds with a paperclip or toothpick (Only round hole out of all the square ones). This only resets the network settings. It can't hurt. From the laptop, can you ping the hubitat interface? and can you get to yourhubipaddress:8081 from a browser?

Just for the sake of completeness, is the IP that is showing on your Settings|Hub Details page the one you are using for your browser?

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Thank you for your follow-up suggestions. Did the reset with the paperclip. Came back up with the re-assigned IP address. Accessible from mobile and old laptop but not the new one. Tried pinging from the cell - worked. New laptop - didn't work. So it is bizarre routing issue which helps. Not the browsers. (I had originally tried pinging from the new laptop and when it didn't respond I assumed Hubitat just didn't respond to pings so the suggested helped clarify things a lot).

Thanks thebearmay. It does reflect the same IP. I'm going to try a wired connection from the laptop to a switch that is also connected to the Hubitat and see if that works. I'm wondering if it is some weird MAC address issue.

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@thebearmay and @rlithgow1

Ok so I have some egg on face. :egg: :face_exhaling:

I tried connecting to another device on the same subnet and pinging it and no go - so definitely a laptop issue.

Even though I rebooted the laptop, I didn't renew my on DHCP assignment. I did that and then voilà, pinging working and now Hubitat.

I'm not sure I've had this problem before with other network access I've had over the years so maybe I wasn't being that thick but I guess the reboot isn't always enough. What was a little extra weird is that everything of the subnet was working and I could ping the firewall on the local subnet.

Thank you both for your help! :slightly_smiling_face: