[C-7] Help needed - Zigbee devices that do not pair correctly in HE [C-8 ?]

Hi all,

In the last months, there were several cases reported when some new Zigbee devices do not pair correctly with HE.

Most possibly the reason of these devices not working with HE is because they do not strictly follow the Zigbee standard specifications, but we hope there is still a chance for these to be patched from HE side.

Note, that there are at least 2 different types of problematic Zigbee devices,

The first group of devices can be identified when looking at the device web page 'Data' section. If the device is not responding to any commands and you see an endpointId different than 01 , the model and the manufacturer are either 'unknown' or empty - then most probably your problematic device falls in this group:

There is a second group of Zigbee devices that do not stay connected to HE. During the pairing process, they will leave the HE Zigbee network, will change its NWK, will appear as a new device, then will leave again and the process will be repeated until HE is in pairing mode.

If you observe the HE Zigbee logs at the time of the pairing, you will see a picture like this :

To be able to identify what causes these issues and potentially fix it, Hubitat software engineers will need to have the problematic devices in their lab.

If you have any such Zigbee device, please consider loaning it to @mike.maxwell .
Thank you!


Isn't F2 the Zigbee Green Power internal endpoint? AKA endpoint 242:

Zigbee 3.0 Device Interoperability with Legacy ZigBee Devices (silabs.com)

3.0 devices should recognize multiple profiles but maybe old Green Power profile-only devices cannot.

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Can Simeone From HE team can help resolving this issue? Sadly I have bought 4 of them and I cannot use them...

4 of what?



Can you provide a brand, model, and a zigbee pairing fingerprint? Along with a link to the actual device?


Is this enough?

It is definitely one of these new Zigbee devices that will not stay connected to HE.


Probably not until they get a device that has this issue. Part of the problem from what I am reading is they don't have samples of the failing devices so they can't find the cause.

I am not sure where you are located, but if you are in the USA, consider loaning this device to Hubitat.

I live in Serbia, I would five one of them as an gift, for scinence prposes, but I'm affraid that shipping will cost alot. Can you check how mutch it will cost?

I would have no idea what shipping costs, but very likely it is not worth shipping from Serbia.


I have one of those Tuya 20A smart plugs.

  • endpointId: 01
  • application: A0
  • manufacturer: _TZ3000_okaz9tjs
  • model: TS011F

And I have 4 of them sitting around. I can mail/loan one since I'm not using them right now (I'm in the US/Hawaii) . Let me know.


Please send a DM to @mike.maxwell on the shipping details.
Thank you!

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I just included it without issue, switched to the generic zigbee outlet driver.
Power reporting does not work, the device refuses to report power on its own, and doesn't accept power reporting configuration settings for either cluster 0x0B04 or 0x0702.
I'll add the fingerprint to the existing driver.

Other than that, is there some other issue with this device?


Is the manufacturer _TZ3000_okaz9tjs ?
The device changes its NWK address during the Zigbee pairing and is not accessible after.

Can you control it On/Off?

This is how many Tuya TS011F plugs work, they require polling for clusters 0x0B04 or 0x0702, so that's OK.

The problem is that it sends ZDO command 'leave' during the pairing and changes NWK.

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Not a great idea in my opinion

I see no evidence of this in the frame capture


OK, I will try to reproduce the problem again here with my device some hours later.

Thank you Mike!

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This is mine. The only difference seems to be that the plus is UK standard. The device fingerprinting is removed from any custom drivers, so initially it paired as a Device. Nothing is received from the plug after the pairing finishes.

Then manually assigned the Generic Zigbee Outlet driver and paired again. On/Off works only for the short time when HE and the device are still in pairing mode, after the pairing finishes, not control again. Zigbee channel 11.

I can send a PCAP file during the pairing with the the Generic Zigbee Outlet driver later.

For the heck of it add the device fingerprint to your driver, then, add a 5 second delay as the first method in the configure
method, then try inclusion again.

    log.warn "running configure in 5 seconds..."

If that doesn't work then send me the wireshark capture file


I tried the 5 seconds delay in my driver, but unfortunately, it didn't help...

The PCAP file below is sniffed when _TZ3000_okaz9tjs pairs to HE using the Generic Zigbee Outlet driver.

The device changed the NWK several times:

20:59:43.00 Device Announcement (zbee_nwk.addr eq 0xc4b0)
20:59:44.29 leave
29:59:50.67 Device Announcement (zbee_nwk.addr eq 0x78b4)
20:59:51.58 leave
20:59:56.68 Device Announcement (zbee_nwk.addr eq 0x3a95)
20":59:57.18 leave .....
The Zigbee logs show multiple devices during the pairing process ('device', 'b')


Don't have an idea why this problem doesn't show up in your environment...
Here are links to other HE users reporting the same problem: link1 link2 link3 link4 link 5 link6 link7

Hope this helps.

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