C-7 duplicating messages in logs. Can this be causing some slowdowns?

So have been having some minor z-wave slowdowns that have been a little odd. Mesh looks good but noticed that a bunch (most?) of my devices duplicate entries in the logs.

This really became apparent when I used the Basic Z-Wave tool to change parameter 4 (instant on) on a Zooz V2 Zen24 Dimmer. I first did the get parameter report and it came back with a bunch of "0" entries. I then set the parameter 4 to "1" and it returned a bunch of "1"'s. Next I did the parameter report again and got 6 responses. I ran it again (for giggles) and got 27 responses!. Ran twice more and it went to 1 entry per run.

I don't think this is the driver or a debug issue.

For those with Zen24 V2 toggle dimmers setting parameter 4 to 1 allows for instant on/off. This ONLY works for V2 devices.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

I've only had one instance of slower performance of the Z-Wave so far and that was with my fake 5-way switch setup and that in of itself was partly due to not enabling instant on/off on the main dimmer switch.

Getting ready to add a bunch more devices.

that usually indicates a mesh issue.. maybe put a repeater near the device or it could be a fauilty device but it definately can slow things down on your system,

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I'm experiencing similar issues with a C5 hub that has a strong z-wave mesh and worked fine up until the firmware that came out along with the C7. I posted about it here where others said it's an issue that popped up with a firmware update.

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I'm not sure - I've got 3 repeaters and the routing looks great (all 100s and 40s no 9.6s). When I built this I purposefully started with repeaters then added the "real" devices as was recommended. I think this is something else. The device that is doing this is routing through a Ring Extender so maybe that's part of it. The Ring is S2 authenticated the dimmer is not. I know this shouldn't matter but thought I'd mention it.