[C-7 -] Daylight Savings and Logs Page

We switched over to daylight savings time this morning and while the time is showing correctly on the Hub Details page, the Past Logs are showing as logging things an hour in the future.... Which is not even the old time... Weirdly, the live logs page shows correctly.

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In Canada we end DST in a week. Well not all of canada, but most of it. And yes, it always takes an extra day for the hub to figure itself out.

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Ok, that's good to know. I'll keep an eye on it.

Weird how most other parts of the interface seem fine... The Device Events page reports the correct times. I can only assume it is a display thing, given that if I look at the same log on the past logs page it displays the correct time.

EDIT - Messed up the page reference there... past logs is the bit that is broken...

It has improved greatly over the years. @bravenel has stated it only happens twice a year so it’s hard to debug. And he doesn’t even have DST in his area.

I even had a trigger change itself from 12:00am to 1:00am.

I avoid midnight, sunrise, and sunset due to the twice a year event.

Actually, we've worked a bit on this since last spring, and have some hope we've improved this transition. We'll see. The logs issue derives in part from having redone the logs from top to bottom. Perhaps we can get that sorted in the next week.

This is an improvement for sure. The logs thing is just a bug.

Yeah, it's so much nicer never dealing with it.


Thanks Bruce, good to hear it's on the radar

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They keep talking about it here but it never gets resolved. Us Canadian wimps are waiting for NY to make the decision.

It's definitely one of those hope springs eternal things (or fall)... I mean, how hard can it be? But, we've proved and discovered it's much harder than we thought to get right.

So what about a scheduled job at 1:30 AM... Gonna run twice I hope. Or 2:30 AM, skip every spring. Crazy stuff

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Yeah I was just reading the old thread from back on March. I don't envy you guys needing to work through it, catering for the various moving parts involved and nuances of the setup around the world.

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I don't envy you. One of our EHR providers has been working on DST for about 20 years, and we still have issues, like duplicate or missed medication tasks

Nice work in getting a fix in so quickly @bravenel as part of the most recent release. Unfortunately, or fortunately.... For me the past logs are already displaying correctly... without applying the update.... You will need to wait for the next region to join those that are part of the daylight saving group to make the move to properly test the change... unless there are those who have already done so....

Yeah, we know. But thanks for alerting to us of this issue, so we could get it fixed before the next region switches from DST.

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