C-4 hub won't detect GE14288 Z-Wave outlet

Hi all,

I bought a used hub off eBay, a C-4 model. I updated it to v. I bought and installed a GE/Jasco smart outlet, model ZW1002, which seems to be the same as the GE 14288, as far as I can tell.

The damn thing just won't get detected. With the hub less than 16 inches from the outlet, I've done all of the following several times:

  • started Z-Wave Exclusion and pressed the button on the outlet
  • started Z-Wave Inclusion and pressed the button on the outlet
  • unplugged the hub for 30 seconds and plugged it back in
  • factory reset the outlet
  • reset Z-Wave radio
  • disabled and re-enabled Z-Wave Status

No device ever shows up, on the Inclusion or Exclusion screens, and there are no messages in the System Events screen (except for systemStart events) or the Logs screen.

I'm tempted to just use this hardware for target practice. But before I go down that road, is there something I'm missing? Is this outlet incompatible with my hub? I can't find any documentation about the differences between the C-4 and more current models, except that the radios are updated and apparently newer models don't use the USB stick. Is there some other undocumented trick I need to do to unlock this mess? An incantation that summons the demon to whom I can sell my soul to make it work? I read that Hubitat is more geared toward the techie, and I thought that was me, but... good lord.

I would request a refund from the seller.

Did the hub you got come with the external zwave/zigbee stick?

Is the hub able to include other devices? Perhaps the radio is broken.


Ok, you win 12 internet points. Unable to find a manual, I got the idea somehow that the USB stick was to control the hub, and the antennae were internal to the hub. So I unplugged it from my PC, plugged it into the hub, ran through the whole ritual again, and it's detected.

Thanks for the lightning fast replies, y'all. This is exactly what I thought would happen - too many variables for me to handle, and someone more experienced spots the problem (or at least nudges me in the right direction). Thanks! I'm looking forward to digging in and getting my home all automated up, one device at a time.

PS But does anyone know of a link to the C-4 manual anywhere?

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What is this thing "manual" you speak of?


All of the hubs are the same, more or less, except for how the radios are handled. Radios are internal on the C-5 and C-7. The C-7 has completely new Z-Wave hardware and protocol stack.

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