Buy C7 in UK

In UK.
Looking for a second C7.
Do NOT want to buy from Vesternet.
Assume the version in the EU shop is not the same as the UK one?

If so does anyone know the best (cheapest) place to currently buy on in the UK?
While keeping alll full warranty features etc.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Some on Ebay - new.

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Outside of the power adapter, it is identical. The frequency used by the zwave radio in the C-7 can be set by the end-user. Therefore, the same hardware is sold worldwide.

You can use any compatible USB adapter that supports at least 1A load at 5VDC.


Thanks, not a big fan of ebay but will take a look :slight_smile:

Ah did not realise that. Makes sense now though.
Guess I could also use a travel adapter plug as have plenty of those lying around.
Will place the order now :slight_smile:

Be aware that buying from EU countries takes a lot longer to arrive than they used to. Things can sit in customs for up to a month, and you don't know what customs charge you may end up paying. I am not prying into why you don't want to use Vesternet but you may like to think about whether you could reconsider. Even the ebay ones I saw were coming from outside the UK.

Well that was annoying. Go to checkout and:

"We apologize, but Hubitat Elevation hub model C-7 Zigbee Z-Wave 700 LAN EU version is not available for pickup or shipping."

Looking on eBay.

Buy from Hubitat direct ?
Remember any needed returns route will be via your supplier though.


Thanks. It is ok. Taken the gamble it will arrive quick(ish). Buy lots from the EU and been lucky so far with delivery times.

How about here?

£5 less than vesternet


Nice one.
Trying to cancel the ebay order but will order one of these too regardless :slight_smile:

eBay order successfully cancelled :slight_smile:

Emailed company to confirm it is in stock as it states:
"In stock (can be backordered)"

Which I find a little confusing.

Poor service from Vesternet by any chance? :rofl:

It was not the best. That and the very poor replies to negative reviews from the companies CEO.

Sounds about right but they are necessary evil and I will only use them as a last resort!

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Yes that looks odd. Please let us know what they respond with.

No reply yet but it seems this is a feature (or quirk depending how you see it) of WordPress.
The site is built using WP.

Found plenty when I googled but this is best explanation:
"This is to notify your customers that they can order the product even if it’s out-of-stock. If you prefer not to show the “can be backordered” message, choose “Allow” under Products > Edit Product > Product Data > Inventory > Allow backorders?"

Sound a bit nuts to me but thats what it appears to be.

I have now placed the order.


Cannot fault the service from Smart Home Alarms.
They replied to my email at 9:20am Monday morning.
Confirmed the C7 was in stock and were about to dispatch it (email confirmation of dispatch arrived a few minutes later).
I had chosen the cheapest shipping option and it arrived Tuesday morning at 10:30am (so next working day delivery).


Thanks for letting us know how it turned out :slight_smile:

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