Button recommendation?

We're getting by with "hey google turn off the bedroom lamp" at night, but my wife has hinted at looking for other options - so I thought a button that can live on the nightstand would be good. It seems like alot of you like the Pico buttons, but I dont have a Lutron hub, and with Zooz dimmers on the way, I will not be getting a Lutron. Anyone have a recommendation of something that will work nicely?

We had the same situation, so I made my own with an ESP8266, a momentary button, and a plastic project box from Amazon. One button shuts off or turns on the bedroom and bathroom lights all at once. Check out the DIY details here. Is good stuff!


Admirable work! I'd be looking for a pre-built option... so let me know when you're ready to start shipping them :joy:

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I use a couple of things...

Hue dimmer in the bedroom.
Xiaomi buttons with the in-built app to 'toggle' other things.
New SmartThings button seems to be working quite well for me too

I can only recommend the xiaomi buttons if they are going to be close to the hub (so can connect directly) or you are running either IKEA outlets close by or one or more Xbee

For ease of connection then I would suggest the Smartthings button, but it's more expensive than the xiaomi buttons


If you have a TV turned on before you go to sleep, and turn it off when it's nighty night time....pickup a Zigbee outlet that reports power and plug the TV into it. You can create a trigger based on that power reading. When power drops below X, turn off bedtable lamps (or whatever).

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For $15 doesn't seem like a bad way to get it done. I think I saw in another thread that you can double click, triple click these for different routines. Ever try that?

I use most of them :slight_smile:
But you are using a custom driver and they can be 'flakey' and drop off if you don't have them close to the hub or use the right repeaters

As you are in the US (I'm in the UK) you have a lot more options than we do.
I'm sure another 'Yank' will be along soon with some suggestions :slight_smile:


We don't have a TV in the bedroom, but I recently started triggering the bedroom lamp ON by using Iris outlet on the living room TV to determine OFF. Working nicely.

I know folks here really like to automate as much as possible, but "when to turn the bedroom light off" has so many variables I imagine alot of us are manually turning them off.

I'll wait a few.... hours before I buy anything. You all know the itch of wanting a new device. :laughing:

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Using a few buttons here too. Philips dimmers, Xiaomi buttons, Aeotec key fob, Ikea pucks (Using to twist on/off) and a Remotec scene controller.

Forgot about the IKEA puck. Nice cheap fella too.

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Interesting - any chance dimming with this could work?

In Does in the IKEA app.
Now... making it work in HE is another story. You need a new driver version for it that as far I know does not exist yet. Just the one for on/off.

I have both an on/off driver, and dimming driver.
Both need work, but alas I'm not a coder.

Got it - dimming wasn't a requirement for me, but possibly a nice to have.

SmartThings button vs. Ikea for me, as of now...

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This is the driver I'm using for on/off. Sadly I've just noticed that this is throwing errors when used, although does work.

And the dimming version - Its clunky and doesnt always respond. Needs work.

The good thing about these dimmers, not once have any fallen off or had any issues. Only that the drivers could really do with being better.

Let me be the first to suggest you reconsider Lutron. I have zero Lutron products EXCEPT Pico Remotes. I have the Lutron PRO hub/bridge and a dozen or more Pico remotes. I cannot overstate how excellent they are for the task. They are exactly the correct size for so many uses. And FAST. The Lutron integration with Hubitat is the best work they've done. :slight_smile:

If you get one, you'll hook it up and get a Pico working via Button Controller app or Advanced Button Controller app, and will then spend 10 mins giggling in delight. And running around looking for someone to show how amazing it is.

Lutron just announced a Fan Controller and has released the same ol' Picos with fan specific engraving. I've been looking for a supply of the Hunter Fan modules but the Lutron announcement has put that hunt on hold. I'm expecting Hubitat's Lutron app to be upgraded for the Fan, so I can spend another wad of cash on another set of fan modules. :smiley: The previous sets are not worth keeping.


Last year, Energy Ave was selling the Pro Hub for $88 and had a code for free shipping.. a great deal, great. Today, they sell it for $100 plus shipping.


Ebay has several but they are the PRO version, not the PRO2.

Oh man, its tempting to go ahead with what seems like the BEST solution. That said, price is a major factor for me. The cost of the Lutron hub would be the same investment that the HE was. Right now I can think of only one or two applications for the remote, so I'm not sure its "worth it" for my needs right now. But the cost of "missing out" is what worries me... i.e., if I end up needing 3, 4, 5 buttons for around the house, perhaps I would have been better off springing for the Lutron. Ah, decisions decisions..