Button on dashboard

I am trying to figure out to even word this.

I want to set up a button on dashboard that when you click it, it asks for Date and Time to unlock a door.

And the of course save or confirm....

So can you create a rule that runs once and then after it runs deletes that rule?

So if this is making sense, any assistance would be appreciated.

Do you want the code to look for a specific date/time or would the date/time be variable? The only thing that comes to mind would be to setup a pin on the dashboard, but it would be a static entry.

As for the rule, do you really need to delete it or just make it so that it can only be run once?

I am not sure how you could get it to ask for a date and time, but you could create a dashboard with a date and time hub variable and a button. You would manually set the date and time and when you push the button it initiates the RM rule that would unlock the door at the date and time you set on the dashboard. When the rule is triggered you could have the rule set the date time variables back to some past date that would not trigger again until you set the variables in the dashboard to a valid date again.

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The time and date would change.
This is for my church so I think it would be easier if i gave real world example:

We of course have rules that run on "normal" days.

This would be for excrptions or special events that would not repeat.
Ie: funeral/memorial service, meeting, bake sale.

Of course I can go in and set rule for time and date....I want this to be dynamic , easy and to have more than me to be able to do this.

Can you make a MODE set in this way? Variable time and date.