Button for toggling to CT mode in Dashbord color bulb tile

I was just playing around with the dashboard and its color bulb tiles. Anyways I was thinking it would really nice to be able to switch from RGB(color) to CT mode without having drag the color temperature slider one direction or another(It's difficult to keep the Kelvins the same by doing so).

Maybe it would be possible to add a button were it shows the Kelvin number? that or even under it.

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One idea on how to implement this might be for them to add an icon next to the "Color Temperature" label and if you touch it it would send the current color temperature again. There really isn't a mode for RGB or CT. It's really just which approach you chose to set the hue and saturation values in most lights.

So, sending the CT command again would do what you want and the suggestion above might be a way they could do it easily without a lot of change e.g. making an icon near the label (or making the label itself clickable) and it would send the command again.

+1 I find myself going back and forth trying to get somewhere near 2500. Using bulb "Groups" helps, at least keeps them off by the same amount. Compromise?

Maybe have a few of the most common bulb CT settings as buttons? Then a input/apply field? Plenty of room for options on that screen

Do you guys find that the bulb tile on the dashboard displays the RGB color instead of the temperature even when you click on the slider and put the lamp into CT mode? So I end up with a lamp that is shining a shade of white but the dashboard tile shows red or suchlike (eg. whatever RGB state the lamp had before). Shouldn't the dashboard tile colour update to reflect the lamp colour?

Yes I do get that. The icons seems to show "Color" not "Temperature". Those two things conflict sometimes in this new world of RGBW bulbs. Not sure what it would take to have the icon reflect the "mode" the bulb is in, but I think that is what you mean.

Yeah. I think the tile should display the colour of the lamp. Right now it's misleading when the lamp is in CT mode. It's yet another dashboard issue to add to the already long list...

I agree, but color and temp are not treated equally. It could just be a programing change it could be more involved, not sure.

@Angus_M Not to hijack the thread, but if your not happy with the current Dashboards you should see what can be done with Smartly by @spelcheck. It has been a game changer for me, and we keep improving it daily. Happy to help you get started with it, and think he is still looking for testers if you have time to contribute.

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Yes I noticed that too. I believe someone else mentioned it in Anouther thread that once you change a new bulb over to a "Color" the tile icon forever stays on "Color". Ideally it would reflect the current lamp state.

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This sure would be nice, but yes, it's a limitation of Dashboard. Also a nicer light controls in general would be great. Maybe @spelcheck can solve that too while we're waiting for HE to fix this? :wink:


I would like this to be implemented, but I think I would actually prefer a dedicated color temperature tile type for CT bulbs.

Try Bulb Color Buttons. I have a couple of these tiles for the presets I want.

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Thanks for the recommendation! I set this up for one of my rooms, but honestly not being able to change the labels on the buttons is just too ugly. I set up one of the attribute tiles but I don't think I can ask the family to use that. We really need a way to better customize the dashboard tiles, at least with the labels.

That is the one downside.

I am speculating a bit here, but the developer should be able to change the label in the code itself to reflect the color names rather than the preset name. Example, instead of "CTemp_1" maybe it could say "Incandescent". Those names are already in the driver code, so I don't know why they aren't forwarded to the dashboards.

Maybe you could request that be changed in the developers thread I linked above?


Could someone provide a little more direction from after installing the App and Drivers, to buttons on dashboard?

I can try, but it has been a while since I set this up. Did you want to use color bulb, or tunable white?

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