Button Controllers throwing Javascript error (Zigbee Button + Zigbee dimmer)

Hi, I just received my Hubitat Elevation. Currently running version:

I have a Zigbee Nue Dimmer and a Smartthings Zigbee button. I tried to use the Button Controllers app to adjust the dimmer by a certain amount and was presented with a Javascript error. I tried this with Nue Zigbee Dimmer and with a Virtual device dimmer, both throwing the same error. I don't seem to find a way to make this work, any thoughts would be appreciated. Here's a video capture of my error:


Unexpected Error

An unexpected error has occurred trying to load the app. Check Logs for more information.

Error: No signature of method: java.lang.Long.getAt() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.Integer) values: [0] Possible solutions: getAt(java.lang.String), next(), putAt(java.lang.String, java.lang.Object), wait(), grep(), getClass()

I can reproduce this error (button device or dimmer device doesn't seem to matter; my guess is it's in the app). Tagging @bravenel since I believe he would be the one to investigate.

To summarize the video above, here is the error that happens:

...immediately after entering a "By this amount" value in BC 3.1 as, for example, below:

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This has been reported to staff.

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This is a known bug, fix in upcoming 2.2.3 release.

You can work-around using Rule Machine for that one button function.

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My advice would be to try the community based Advanced Button Controller app. It is an intuitive and easy to use app for buttons. Many people prefer this over the built-in button app.

Thanks for the fast replies. I'm glad to know that this a known issue and that there are plans to address it. That's great!

I ended up using the Rule Machine app as suggested which worked just fine, I'll give the Advanced Button Controller a try as well, however I'll have to learn how to install it, I'll find my way through :slight_smile: