Button Controller vs Rule Machine

There are two ways to use a button controller. It is available in Rule Machine AND there is a separate built-in app called Button Controller.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

The RM version has all of the advanced actions available to any Rule, while the other has a subset.

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RM is a heavier app, and I recommend it for complicated actions or things you can't accomplish in other rules. If you can use another built-in app, it would be easier on the hub, but may not provide you everything you need for a rule.

For a button device this is hardly a consideration. It's way over stated how 'heavy' RM is. We're talking about 50 msecs difference at most.

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I like to use the button controller app for exactly that, triggering things from buttons. Keeps it simple and separated from other rules for me.


I just added ā€œButton - ā€œ before my button rules to keep them together in RM.

I need some more complex rules on some of my buttons so some need to be in RM. Rather than having some in the button app and some in RM, this makes it so they are all in the same spot.

It is interesting how everyone has their own way and reasons for doing thing in a different way! :smile:


Is it possible to clone a Button Controller rule as you can a Rule Machine rule?

If you mean buttons within Rule Machine, yes. If you mean buttons within Button Controller App, also yes.

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I use BC when I can.

But in BC you can not have IF conditions, can not run other RMs, and can not use global variables (although according to Bruce this may change next release with hub based global variables)

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