Button Controller triggering "pushed" events by itself


I'm using 2 osram/sylvania 2 button switches. Since upgrading to 2.0.5 they have been randomly pushing/triggering the button 2 (off button) by themselves (a couple times a day). Looking at the logs it is showing pushed events even when I'm not home or when sleeping.



is it possible you have Alexa linked to the devices with the Echo app? I see random events on devices throughout the day with no apparent cause, my only guess is that Alexa periodically re-affirms the state by sending offs or ons to devices even thong they may already be off or on. There is no debug toggle for the echo app, so its hard to be sure, this is just my hunch.


Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't have an echo Alexa device.


Just an idea... Are these battery powered devices? If so, could you try removing the batteries while you're away from the house to see if the problem continues or disappears? That should at least determine if the devices are actually sending the events or not.

Those are probably Zigbee devices, correct? There were some changes to Zigbee in the v2.0.5 release. Are you using a Hubitat Driver, or a custom driver? My hypothesis is that these devices report some regular data to the hub (e.g. a battery report) that the driver is now mis-interpreting due to the changes in Zigbee for v2.0.5. A few other custom drivers were impacted by this release and required driver updates to resolve the issue. @mike.maxwell is very familiar with these changes.