Button Controller Hue Remote Dim Setting

I‘m new to hubitat and I‘m trying to configure the hue remote via Button Controller to behave exactly like standard.
Unfortunately I‘ve problems to find an appropriate setting to dim the lights. Can anybody help me put?

Tks in advance

I used
pushed: start raising/ start lowering
released: stop changing

Unfortunately lights don‘t dim.

I don‘t use hue bridge:(
My plan was to use everything on hubitat.

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It should be held/released. Pushed is separate and not associated with released being sent to the hub. The Hue lights are much better behaved on the Hue bridge and are not worth the money if not using the bridge. The button controllers have updated firmware only available on the bridge that helps with them dropping off the mesh. Even with the update, they definitely aren’t the greatest at staying connected.

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Hi, Ive got Hue controllers (4 button type) I set up a rule as button device.
I have button 1 set as pushed set dimmer to 50,
button 2 - pushed adjust dimmer +10, held start increasing, released stop dimmer fade.
button 3 same as 2 but negative
button 4 same as 1 but set to 0

I have my bulbs set as dimmers

If you are having problems with “start level change up/down”, make sure those capabilities are visible on the device page.

Actually just had a thought about switch 1 and 4. I have changed those to control switches and buttons. then turn on/off. the switch part of the bulb shows in the list. this way the dim setting stays the same as it was.

Can you send a screenshot of that rule?

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As long as the bulb remembers its level that should work. Some have to be at that level for a period of time before shutting off in order to have the level saved. Probably to avoid saving a level while dimming to off.

Hopefully it makes sense

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If “Dining room” is a group, it doesn’t have “start level change up/down” as a capability. You have to use the individual devices for “start raising/lowering” and “stop changing”.

Yeah I get that, I was just posting my info to help out the others above. Mine works great and im more than happy with it.

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Sorry, I lost track of who was who. I don’t have any issues with my Hue dimmers anymore, but it took a lot of careful mesh planning. They seem to be the first thing to start dropping off if there are mesh issues.

Tks for help.
It works but unfortunately with quite big latency/lag.

Tomorrow I‘ll update the hue firmware using the Conbee Stick.
One guy managed to reverse engineer the hues bridge communication and brute forced image ids to get the firmware responses.

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