Button Controller Hue question

I have a question:

How can I setup Button 1 to Toggle Hue lights to Orange 80% on button 1 push, and White 100% on button 1 held?

There seems to be no toggle option under bulbs, and with switches where toggle works there is no color options.


Youโ€™re not missing anything from what I can see.

You can accomplish your goals using Rule Machine, I believe. Youโ€™ll need to use the status of the bulb your controlling to determine which action to run.

So, maybe a Triggered Rule. Use the button press for the trigger. Then set a condition using the current state of the bulb (i.e. on vs off). Then create the action for true and the action for false to accomplish your goals.

Create another Triggered Rule using the Button Held event...

The community Advanced Button Controller app can also do toggles. Pretty sure this is possible there.

@stephack would know for sure.

ABC can toggle on/off and also toggle onToLevel/off, but cannot set color with the toggle directly.

The best way I can think of to accomplish this would be to create 2 scenes. One for each color settings. You could then toggle the scene on/off using the button controller app of your choice. I have only briefly experimented with what the Groups And Scenes App can do but I believe this should work because toggling off a scene should turn off the included lights.

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Ah yes, scenes would be the best solution! Great idea.

I also created the following in Advanced Button Controller and it actually worked pretty well....not sure how a similar setup in the HE Button app would work though.

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@stephack thank you so much, this worked out great!


Anytime...Glad to hear you got it working.

I'm pretty sure the native button controller app can do this as well.


If you are tuning the color of the bulbs and setting a level, you don't need to toggle them. Simply setting the color and level will turn them on.

True. However, I believe the OP wanted to be able to push the button a second time to also turn it off. Thus the request for Toggle with Color setting capability. It is a subtle difference.

Okay, I understand what you mean but you're crossing capabilities. A toggle with color would do two functions, toggle, then set color, which would turn it back on, right? Or do you mean some intelligent combo that would only use the color part of the command if turning on the bulb? Yeah, a little complicated but I can see it.
Still seems easier to do a triggered rule with the button as the trigger and bulbs current switch state as the condition.