Button Controller - Cycle through Scenes

ABC added Cycle through scenes - but would love to have this feature in the button controller. So I can setup a button on the pico and just push push push to get to a scene.

Keep up the good work!

If ABC has the feature you need why not just use that?


Right now trying to consolidate down to using the same apps for the same things for consistency. I am using the Button Controller so I can disable rules when buttons are pushed I don't think this is possible with ABC at least I couldn't see it.

Trying to also limit the use of 3rd party apps until I get the base system setup. ABC is awesome no doubt.

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Yeah, I wish there was 3rd party app access to RM, but I dont think that's ever going to come. I use virtual switches instead. It's actually one of the primary reasons I resumed working on the Virtual Container driver..I just dump most of my Rule toggles in one container.

I hope the HE team hears you though because I'm the same way. I hate having automations scattered amongst a bunch of different apps. It makes tracking down issues a real pain. Consolidation is key.

Yes! :point_up:

I haven't been so eloquent about it, but for instance when there is an app like HSM that deals with devices like locks, I would prefer that it would report when a door is unlocked with a code, rather than have it only report that a lock was unlocked and then have to set up a rule for reporting when a code is used. Having particular logic scattered amongst different apps is difficult to maintain.

What you're pointing out is that HSM Custom Rule falls short of RM, so you end up with stuff in both. I get it, and agree with your view. I'm not sure of the best way to deal with this. On the one hand you want certain features of HSM consolidated into one place, and on the other you don't want to see RM just become an albatross (more than it is already).

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You are right, it is a conundrum. I understand if you don't want to duplicate a lot of code.

I may be in the minority but I like custom apps that do specific tasks and then use Rule Machine in cases where a custom app is not available or doesn't make sense. A great example of this is Thermostat Scheduler, what a maintenance nightmare to set such up in Rule Machine. It's why I wrote my own Thermostat Scheduler, but the Hubitat version is MUCH better!

When I found out that HSM custom rules could do a lot of what I had in Rule Machine, I moved all that I could to HSM because it's so much easier to find what I am looking for there and it was easy to set up the notifications that I wanted.

Interesting. I'm open to improving HSM custom rule, but not busting it from the very simplicity that you like about it.

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Thank you for taking a look at HSM custom rule! :grin: