Button Controller 3 bug on ver

Went to add an action to a BC3 rule. The "keep list sorted" button was enabled. After selecting add button 4 with an action of held and clicking done, the new template never shows up, even after clicking done and reloading rule.

even saving rule again, and then going back in does not display the action that was added. Only after disabling "keep list sorted" did new option show up.
This may have been fixed in later versions, but I realy need this version iwth the auto add zigbee "ghosts" feature to keep my mesh healthy

I've had this exact same problem too. i.e. I have Keep Button List Sorted in both Rule Machine and Button Controllers. When I go to add a button action for one of my Inovelli Red Dimmers (which go up to 8) sometimes I get the template to fill in and sometimes I don't. What's the worst about it is that if I try to add it again Hubitat thinks that action (like a #Pushed, Held or Released) has been used and won't present it again. This has caused to me have to remove the entire rule and start over from scratch.

I am currently using, Button Controller 3.1 and RM 4.1. This happened today when I was trying to add a 7 Pushed. Just on a chance I added an 8 Pushed and the 7 Pushed showed up.

I've also noticed that they don't always sort properly. I've seen cases where button 5 went to the top of the list and other times when the pushed or held were reversed.

Also, when adding buttons without sort turned on they don't always get added to the bottom of the list if the list is long. I have one button that uses virtually all 1-8 pushed and held and when I get to 5 pushed it goes to the top of the list - but then 5 held goes beneath that.