Button Controller 3.1 & 5.1

What is the difference between Button Controller 3.1 & 5.1?

I have some Sylvania Dimmer Switchers that I bought when they were cheap.

I added several some time back and they have added as Button Controller 3.1.

I tried to add a Spare Sylvania Dimmer I had stashed away today and it only adds as Button Controller 5.1

Is 5.1 an update from 3.1?

Yes, major update. Each button is its own app now so it works faster and your able to do more. You can also use hub variables in 5 +

Looks like version 5 was introduced in platform version 2.2.8 and enhanced in 2.2.9, bringing speed improvements and import / export / clone options, amongst other things.

Ta, thanks.

Looks like I should update the other dimmers I have that are running 3.1.
The one just added with 5.1 is quite snappy, the light comes on really fast.

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