Button Combination for disarm?

I'm considering using one of my Pico's in the entry from main door/garage as the default way to disarm our alarm system instead of the horrible looking and complex keypad we have today (Ring's Keypad).

Ideally I'd like it to be a combination of buttons (or - say a combo double-tap) of one or more of the Pico buttons to disarm.

(e.g. Double-tap middle button then single tap light off button)

Basically something an intruder couldn't "button smash" but is relatively easy for my family to disarm in the event they forget to disarm before they walk through the door.

Has anyone done something like this?

Similar concept to a kill switch on a car. If you can dream it you can do it. I'd throw in presence detection as an additional security layer. Then it doesn't matter if they button mash the right combo.

Good point. I'm also considering this for night mode while we are asleep, but really good point.

I think where I'm stumbling is how to sequence button combos in RM or somewhere else.

A lot of ways to sequence it, but here are some ideas. Use RM4, each pico remote has numbered buttons from 1 to 5, use either variables or virtual switches to store correct button pushes. In your rules elseif statement if this wrong button is pushed reset all the virtual switches. You'll need a complicated logic structure to sequence correctly.

Use a button press and presence. Doesn't need to be complicated since your there with presence. I'd keep this rule just incase something goes wrong with the first method.

Local AI processing facial recognition and any combination of the above. (This one is difficult and requires a separate server to handle the ai stuff)

Button press and/or bluetooth transmitter receiver combo.

Maybe a virtual lock and lock code manager? Dunno if this is possible but seems pretty easy to implement. Wouldn't have to do code management in logic at least.

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Just wanted to add some info here that may help.

The Enerwave driver for SmartThings had an app that you could use to do what you’re looking for. You’d need to change the code—but the underlying functionality is all there :slight_smile:

Would that mean you can't get into your house if you forgot your phone??

Well I have a key somewhere but I haven't used a key in years.

In my case all my smart locks (schlage) have keypads, so there is always a way to override even if I don't have the physical key present (or phone).

I'd probably be driving back to wherever I left it at that point, as @SoundersDude pointed out I could just keypad in on the Schage BE469.