Bulgaria Delivery Taxes and Duty

I wanna share with you my experience buying a HE device.

First of all, better use a courier service instead of postal service (it's much more reliable). I personally received my device by UPS. The delivery cost is $50 + $7 for some transit tax.
After receive it, you should pay a VAT at the custom office. For me that was $30.

In other words it cost me $110 + $87 to have my own HE. :slight_smile:


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It is pretty nuts what some postage costs out of your own country. I'm in the USA and to send a small bubble pack envelope that weighed 3 ounces to Scotland the USPS wanted $50 with tracking. Without tracking it was around $18.00. Had my doubts it would every get there, but it did and in good time too. The oddest thing is I often buy things on eBay from China. The item may only be $2 or $3 US dollars and they have free shipping! Can't figure that out.

Enjoy your Hubitat.

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Because China is still considered a transitional country rather than a target country like the USA and therefore gets a much better rate for terminal dues. If you are bored, you can read more about the UPU at:


Well, I didn't suffer through the whole thing, but I read plenty. Certainly a LONG history. Quite interesting and probably something that needs change. Thanks for the link.

I bought a dashcam from China. Free shipping to the US. The cam was bad, and my cheapest option to send it back was $70.


I wonder if you buy something on eBay from China and want to return it, the seller is billed for return shipping. Would they again get a bargain rate? Probably not, and eBay may not even want to bill the seller.

They shouldn't. The termination rates are what makes the shipping so cheap from China. China has cheap shipping within the country to the USA. They also get get cheap termination (shipping) rates within the USA because of the low fees set by the UPU. Any shipment that starts in the USA and sent to China isn't subject to UPU rates except for the potion (termination fees) in China. So USPS (or other carrier) sets the entire rate for the shipment which will be much higher.