Bulbs / Switches (Hue & Yeelight)

Can I ask the stupidest question please.
I have a hue bulb, named it "extra light" I have a yeelight named "bathroom light".
I went to add both to my Hue Dimmer switch, and I can choose a "switch" for the hue (extra light) but not the yeelight (bathroom light). I went to groups and set the "bathroom light" group to have only the bathroom light bulb and did it that way. But why is that ?

Also that hue dimmer switch, the top button has pressed, hold & released. But the hold doesnt really work for me.

Hi, first of, there are no stupid questions. But beside that here is my answer: button 1 and 4 do not report a hold by itself. The reason why you see it in the options is because the app is written not only for the hue dimmer switch. The reason why your yeelight is different then the hue buld is because of the driver it uses. You can try and change that to a generic driver or any other driver to see if that works and behaves like the hue bulb.

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legend. Thanks for that.

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Yeelight is a Wi-Fi integration, and there aren't any generic drivers for that protocol (there are for Z-Wave and Zigbee, but they would not work at all here). I don't think there's a driver you could switch to that would help here, but I confess that I don't really understand this part of the original question:

The Hue Dimmer is a device. To assign functionality to it, you are using an app, but you didn't say which one (Button Controller? Rule Machine? those are probably the two most likely stock apps you'd use). I don't have a Yeelight but would be shocked if the driver didn't implement the "Switch" capability (on/off commands). What are you not seeing where you would expect to see it? A screenshot may help.

@bertabcd1234 it was button controller.
Apologies - looking back on it I may have confused myself. I dont typically name the bulbs as their "use" label (bathroom / bedroom) but i setup a group to control them for voice control. I did this time setup the hue as the "extra" light name so it didnt require a group and when wondered why I had to setup a group for the yeelight on the same button controller. (2 single bulbs but only one group not two). My error there lads.