Bulbs "mirror" another bulb

Just got my HE, so I'm going to have LOTS of questions - please bear with me!

4 Sengled Zigbee bulbs in the Living Room fan. I want 1 to be the main light bulb, and the other 3 "mirror" it. e.g. if I dim it to 10%, the other three do the same, if I turn it on, the other three turn on.

Is there an easy way to accomplish this? I'm not finding it...


I’m about to release a new version of my ‘one 2 many’ app which previously only controlled switches but will now control dimmers/lights too
This is exactly what it will do.
You assign a ‘control’ bulb/dimmer and set a number of ‘follow’ lights/dimmers.

Hope to release it sometime this week.



groups and scenes app, if they are zigbee lamps it uses the zigbee group message so they all switch as one :slight_smile:


Bingo! Just what I needed!
Sorry for the basic question, this is a big change for me from ST!
Appreciate the help!

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Would this work with a GE wall z wave dimmer and 5 wifi Yeelights?

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Yep, should do

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Andy, when you going to update one 2 many?, Christmas is coming and I have 10 bulbs waiting for your update :wink:

I have one wall dimmer and 10 bulbs(5 wifi, 5 zigbee)


I'm not sure.
It's in Beta right now but only does dimming levels & on/off
It won't keep the colours in sync

I haven't got around to adding that yet


That works for me, 5 of those bulbs are going to 1 lamp, thanks