Bulb that can pulse or cycle colors reliably

I need recommendations for a zigbee or Zwave bulb that can be set to pulse or change colors.

The use case is that sometimes I unlock the door remotely and when the wife tries to unlock it at the keypad she ends up accidentally locking it again. If I unlock it remotely Iā€™d like to trigger the porch light to cycle colors or brightness for 1 minute.

You could use a zwave switch or dimmer and set it to flash. Flash is a feature in the built-in zwave switch and dimmer drivers. You can adjust the flash interval, and I think you will get the effect your talking about if you use a zwave dimmer switch. Otherwise you could probably just create a rule to do this with a Hue bulb or Zigbee dimmer switch.

You could try the Aeotec bulb (Zwave). It has a command you can use to cycle the light's colors:
lightEffects : {1=Christmas, 2=Fire, 3=Flash, 4=Police, 5=Random Colors}


We're renting so I don't want to change the switch.

I'll look into the aeotec bulb.

Any other suggestions?

I understand. The aeotec bulb looks like a nice option if your zwave mesh is strong and your fixture can accommodate a larger bulb (A-21). Do you have other zwave devices? I only ask because you're renting. Otherwise I would recommend going with the Philips and creating a rule to do what you want. I have had my Philips bulbs for 2 years without 1 failure.

I have a bunch of other zwave plug-in modules to support the zwave lock that is right by the bulb I am looking to replace.

Is this the one that hubitat supports?

Looks like the one