Bulb suggestion?

I’m looking for a bulb for my kids bedroom to act as a night light.

Any recommendations and if maybe this is to bright?

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How about one of the 40W equivalent candelabra bulbs? You could even put it in an E26/27 adapter if you wanted to use it in a full-sized lamp. (A 60W equivalent goes pretty dim at 5%, so a 40W, I would think, would be even dimmer.:bulb:

Did you mean to link to something? If so, it appears to have been lost.

In my personal experience, I've used Hue bulbs and a Hue Lightstrip for this purpose before (for myself, not a child, either hallway or bathroom at night--enough to see, not enough to hurt or "wake up" my eyes too much). Both got dim enough to use well for this purpose, especially if I chose a color that appeared extra dim on top of this (like red, though I've akso heard ofmpeople doing cool temperatures like 6500K to remind them of moonlight...reminds me too much of daylight, personally).

Of course, if you don't already have Hue, this is an investment (since the bulbs aren't cheap and I'd only use them on Hubitat via the Bridge). I've been told my a friend using Sengled that they are pretty bright at low level with coloe temperatures but might be better with a color. I haven't used those for this purpose so can't vouch for that, but they won't break the bank trying, at least.

All of this assumes you were looking for a "regular" bulb. If not, I've always wondered if the HomeSeer motion sensor with the LED could do this. An Inovelli Red Series Dimmer with the LED bar on full blast and a fairly bright color like cyan almost could. :slight_smile:

I have Sengled color bulbs. When they are set to white, they don't dim low enough to be used as a night light. I think this is true of most LED lights.

So I change the color on my Sengled bulbs to orange or red, and then they dim very low, and work well as a night light. Also, I've read that amber and/or red wavelengths are more conducive to sleep than white or blue light.

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Problem with Sengled is when the power goes out and back on, they’ll turn on. Probably not ideal for a bedroom. It appears Innovelli has new zwave bulbs out that remember state and will stay off when the power returns.

I'm thinking a rule could fix that though. I could say if light turns on, to dim and change to the selective color.

The problem will be, does the hub reconize that the light went off and then came back on. If not then this won't work.........

It's not as easy as that. When the light turns on after an outage, the hub doesn't know it's on until you refresh the status of the bulb. What you end up needing is a reliable source that knows when the power has gone out and come back on, and little blips are very hard to detect unless you're interfacing with say a UPS via something like apcupsd which can see even the smallest blips. I've spent WAY more time than I'd like trying to get it right, but I still won't put a smart bulb in a bedroom. I live in fear that I'll wake up in the middle of the night to someone yelling at me "why are the lights on".

Yeah, you're right. I just tested with two of these bulbs I have in my storage room. The hub doesn't detect the power loss.

I've canceled the order on the RGBW light bulb for now.

I really just need a night light for my kids room, and there is no access to a wall plug. So ultimately I need to use a lamp.....

Any suggestions?

Can these be paired directly to Hubitat, or is the Hue hub required?

How about the Sengled Smart LED Multicolor Light Strip? Is it known to do the same thing on power loss? It automatically turns back on?

These https://www.amazon.com/Dimmable-SmartThings-Repeater-Powered-Inovelli/dp/B07VGB8Q61/ specifically say they will keep state when powered back on.

Okay purchased. More then I wanted to spend to get it here on time. $45 candian for this bulb.

The comments show that it's compatible with Hubitat. And lastly as you said, it will remember it's last power state.

The bulb order got canceled from the seller.

It looks like I can’t get my hands on this.

Any other suggestions?

Did you try buying from iNovelli directly? Also I think there will be lower prices this weekend due to "Memorial Day" sales in the US. Looks like no free shipping to Canada though so bummer.

I’ll try again. I grabbed an open box because I’m getting charged 20 for shipping.

Bah... it is what it is...