Bulb Color and Color Temp App and psuedo Devices

I have not seen an easy way to create buttons for Bulbs with Color and Color Temperature. What I am thinking about:

a.  Application that finds the bulbs using capabilities.
     1.  User can select bulbs for buttons.
     2.  App automatically installs button driver (one per selected bulb)
b.  Driver that has sufficient buttons to allow color and color temperature (similar to what is on Alexa).
     1.  Colors and Color temperature in accordance with Hubitat color Selection (in bulb driver).
     2.  (Would be nice to have a Dashboard template for Color Wheel or Color Temp slider instead)
     3.  Sends command to device through App (Color and Color Temp commands.

Rationale. Setting up a rule base for each bulb seems tedious. I have 10. Others may have more. This allows control without utilizing the rule machine.

Comments (be kind, I am old).

I'm sorry, I'm not quite following. Are you saying for manual control of the color or the CT? This is why I love the Hue integration. The Hue app handles manual control of Color and Color Temp much better than HE does. You've never going to match that app for manual control.

But you can do all this with Button Controller right now. You can set up a button to set a specific color without having to go through Rule Machine.

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Also @stephack 's Advanced Button Controller (ABC). You have to have either physical or virtual buttons, so you either configure the application with a real button device, or you add virtual buttons to HE and then use them in HE Dashboard or SharpTools.

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How would I be able to do this via my Aeon Wallmote? What Iā€™m struggling is with is Iā€™m just using an Osram RGB bulb (no Hue hub) that I just want to be able to specify & trigger either actual color temperature value or actual color string value via button push. Being able to press & hold a button that cycles thru the color spectrum & allowing me set a color on the fly would be icing on my cake. Any ideas?

Nope. Not that I can think of.

You can sort of do what you want with the Advanced Button Controller app's "cycle through scenes" feature. It won't loop through colors on a press and allow you to release and stop at that color, so the workaround you'd need is to choose a few of your favorite colors, save them as scenes, and use the app to cycle through those.

Check out also my DImmer Button Controller app: [RELEASE] Dimmer Button Controller (configure Pico to emulate Hue Dimmer or any button device to easily control lights)

I have a function similar to this as well, inspired by the Hue Dimmer, which lets you press the "On" button mulitple times to cylce through up to 5 scenes. in Dimmer Button Controller, you can either choose predefined Hubitat scenes to cycle through, or you can manually specify colors or color temperatures for each press. (I find that easier than creating scenes I'd only use for this purpose.) "Held" support is coming soon so I can use it with the Osram dimmer; right now only "pressed" and optionally "released" events are used, with "released" only used if you use the "dim while held" function that translates to a startLevelChange/stopLevelChange on the device. Speaking of which, it seems like I might also be able to imitate something like this to "loop through colors while held" (and stop when released) if you really want that feature. The trick is that any app would have to, as I said, imitate that function since unlike dimming, no driver I'm aware of supports this directly. (Probably not a big problem for most; may run into rate limiting on Hue Bridge bulbs if you do a lot at the same time.)

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Looking for something rather simple that emulates the Alexa color selection (which uses buttons). Objective is a single application generating multiple virtual devices (one per selected bulb). The virtual devices would define the 20 or so buttons to enhance the bulbs. The user would use the dashboard to implement the buttons they wish (I plan on using 20), one per color and one per color temperature. The app would send the command to the bulb(s). I guess I just need to do it.

So I just finished an app and driver combination. Available on GitHub and I will announce formally in a couple of weeks. Testing has been against my bulbs (zigbee and wifi, color and color temp). Bulbs must comply with the Hubitat definitions of the capabilities.

This app has the following flow:

> a. User selects the bulbs from the capability.colorControl and capability.colorTemperature lists.
> b. A virtual device is instaled for EACH selected bulb.
>     1. Color Bulbs have 22 buttons, as detailed below.
>     2.  Color Temperature bulbs have 9 buttons, as detailed below.
>     3.  Attributes are created to provide a means to label (using attribute tile).
>     4.  The color name is updated based on the devices color.
> c. The user can then select the buttons to implement within their environment.

GitHub link:

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Stumbled across this thread by accident.
Ask and you shall receive, nice work bud!

Or not, sorry, should have checked the link before commenting...

Found the new link :grin:

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