Built in Spirit Thermostat Controller issue (Workaround Identified)

I cannot find how to invoke the Direct Valve Control using this driver.

This is essential for reliable, consistent operation of this device.

OK so it looks like the new built in Spirit Thermostat Controller lacks the ability to well control the Spirit Thermostat Controller .

So stick with the Aeotec eTRV driver as it allows you to control the Valve and put the TRV into Direct Control.

After a few years wrestling with these TRVs the ONLY way to make them 100% reliable.

@bcopeland Will Direct Valve Control be added to this Hubitat system Eurotronic Spirit driver. As @habitat says, It is almost a necessity for these devices. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is in there with set level..

I can see Set Level but changing the value and pressing Set Level doesn't get a response from the TRV. Also, there appears to be no way for it to show it is in Direct Valve Control mode? i appreciate, I could be missing something obvious. :slight_smile:

In my experience with the Spirits if you set Level and don't set DVC then the valve will just 'correct' the level to its own logic.

Setting DVC stops the valve from thinking for itself - not a function it performs very well :slight_smile:

After many years working with these the ONLY way to get them solid is to have them in DVC and drive the Level directly.

Heat required Open Valve under DVC to 99% and to stop heat Close Valve under DVC to 0%.

If you don't the TRVs go Rogue - report fully open when closed, rooms massively over heat or freeze.

Had my fear share of both!!!

Without DVC you are just playing TRV wackamole!!