Built in Qubino Driver

Hello @mike.maxwell I have been using hubitat for several month and I’m glad I made the move. I have a question about the Qubino D1 built in driver. Could it be modified to have the millisecond added or an option to convert from seconds to millisecond. I was speaking to the rep from Qubino support and he mentioned the milliseconds feature see below:

State Variables

  • resyncAll : true
  • configVal15 : 0 to a 1
    I’m try to set the timing for a garage door controller.

Thanks Dan

This might be a @mike.maxwell question

I’m new at posting so should I redirect it to him?

The @username reference already did that…

for now you can use the Basic Z-Wave tool to change specific configuration parameters.

Thank you for your speedy reply, I will give this a go, have a great evening


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