Built in button controller

You could always migrate to another platform if you do not like it.


It's fine not to like them. But what do you want them to do that they don't? The functionality/logic is actually the same as basic rule/rule machine - either of which are alternatives. The only similarity to room lighting is the use of tables/grids.

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My opinion is opposite. So easy to setup a multi button controller versus using RM.


The old rule machine did look different. i hate the new rule machine looks too.

Without specifics it is awfully difficult to even point you in a direction. The newer layout is generally easier to work with in seemingly most people's opinion.


Try Advanced Button Controller.


Reminds me of fax we received from a client years ago giving us feedback on some materials we'd sent them.

One page fax, cover sheet only, with the words Hated it!! Written in 3-in letters in the middle of the page.

Thank you very much for your constructive feedback. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, and I'm one of those people who likes and uses the updated Button Controller app, but have also used ABC and it's very nice as well, and maybe a little easier to build automations in, overall. I'm using Button Controller as that allows me a pretty consistent interface/experience in it, RM, and RL.


Mainly people don't like change even if it's for the better they'll think it's for the worst...

That said I'm moving this to lounge as it's not really constructive..


Whining about something without providing details or suggestions to improve, particularly even when asked to, never is.

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GIF by ABC Network

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may i have opinion or this is a dictatorship here?

People are giving you a hard time because you have not said what your issues are with the app. It's hard to be helpful when the source of the issue is unknown.


Opine away. But is there a purpose to this thread beyond sharing a vague and subjective statement about an app interface?


because it looks horrid with pictograms that that not clear what is what. it simple doesnt look good

You know if you hover your cursor over the "pictograms" icon, it shows what it does. This is also in the documentation.

"Documentation? Documentation?! I don't need no stinking documentation when I can complain about something I've not read!"

I don't disagree. My brain fights the visual elements and process flow, so the first device that I set up was awkward. So I can understand some level of dissatisfaction. Generally speaking, though, people will not respond well to calling it nasty or horrid.

I have created button rules both in webCoRE and using the built-in app. Both took about the same amount of effort and both work quite well. It is good to have options.

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I'm not a big fan of icons too, especially in rental cars. But the Button Controller icons are simple especially after a couple uses and actually make rule changes easier to accomplish. My general attitude is to always stay up to date. Yes, the old stuff keeps on working. But no new users use the old stuff and it quickly leaves the consciousness of everyone else who has moved on, including sometimes the developers/maintainers. 'Oh, you're using that old thing!'

And the Button Controller help icon takes you to the Rule Machine documentation. The video too (RM). And the video is outdated.

Here's the correct link:

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@gopher.ny @bertabcd1234

Checked on this (help links are a choice made by each app author), and it is believed that this was intentional because the Button Rule 5.x (the grandchild app where you actually edit the actions) is effectively the same as the Rule 5.x editor. I've added a note to the Rule 5.1 docs to indicate this, though I can understand why this might be confusing.

It should also be noted that if you are in the "child" Button Controller app, the docs will go to those for Button Controller (also linked to in the post above) that do describe that particular interface. So, what docs you end up at depend on where you are in the parent/child/grandchild apps that make up Button Controllers.