[BUG] Zwave routers shown as not connected to hub on the map

Can someone explain me zwave topology here. Only one of the router nodes (6) is shown to be connected to the hub. Node 13 is battery powered so it does not count.
The whole network functions just fine but according to the map some repeaters
are not connected to the hub at all.
Repeater nodes are: 6, 0e, 12, 14, 15, 1A rest are battery powered.
Most of the routes on the right differ from the one shown in the map

What does the route information for device 12 show?


Yeah you think there would be a blue square representing the direct connection between 12 and 01... hopefully someone else has a better grasp on this map than I do and can help.

No more ideas? I guess this is a bug, Marked it as such.

I dunno enough about that topology map to tell whether it's a bug or just my lack of knowledge.

Could you post your Zwave table without the map?

Have you tried a repair on 0E? Strange that it doesn't have a route...

None of those look like they are doing much at all, except maybe 1E, 13, and 19.

What devices are these (as you call it) repeater nodes?

0E is a battery powered dome leak sensor. It is very economical and updates rarely, that's probably why it does not show route. The last one is sensative leak sensor. The first one (6) is the water valve. All the rest are zlink water sensors ( I think homeseer has the same ones) some of them are plugged in, in that case they work as repeaters, some are on battery power. The all work and close the water valve from time time when someone is careless and drops water on a sensor. But the topology map

makes no sense.

Battery powered devices are never repeaters.

What is strange is that their Z-Wave Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement specifically says these are NOT repeaters (beaming). And neither their product page nor their user guide https://zlinkproducts.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/ZL-LD-100_UG_091418_2.pdf mention they are repeaters either.

So I don't believe they really are repeaters. But the odd part is it appears 0x12 is routing for other devices.

No matter what, I think you would benefit from something like the Ring Range Extender Gen 2.


Thanks for double checking all my listed devices. The documentation does not list this is a a beamer but does not say it is not either. My understanding is that all externally powered zwave devices are beamers, but I could be wrong.
According to the behavior they are. Some nodes do not communicate with the hub without intermediate usb powered nodes such as 12 which is in the center of the house, as they are too far from the hub. That is why I used USB power on some of them in the first place.
Also I think this is a rebranded homeseer water leak sensor and that one explicitly says it is a beamer when on usb power See here: HomeSeer HS-FS100-L Z-Wave Dual Sensor & Buzzer. But the zvawe alliance statement also says it is not: Z-Wave Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement
However this is not the point of the OP. The zwave topology map is wrong. It does not even correspond the the text routing information produced by the same hub on the same page. Whether is it a beamer or not it shows as not connected to the hub while obviously it is as the hub reports it.

I have the same problem, I have 4 zwave repeaters that clearly are connecting directly to the hub but the topography map does not reflect this. It shows red blocks where I expected to see blue.