Bug with mode changes / predicate?

I'm seeing errors in the logs from an RM5 rule:

The rule is pretty simple... and if I run the rule actions without triggering the rule they work fine and show no errors.

I can trigger the errors by forcing the mode to change, or it happens when mode manager changes the mode. If I remove the predicate statement, the errors stop.

Here's my mode setup:

Not sure if this will help, but what is shown in the predicate section of the rule when you are in Predawn mode? Your screenshot shows the predicate resolving as false, just wondering whether it shows true when you are in that mode.

I'd also tag @neonturbo here, I think he was trying to do something similar recently. And @bertabcd1234 was assisting....

Good catch but no... just a timing issue. Here's what it actually looks like in predawn mode:


Yeah, this is a bug. Just saw it, and a fix will be forthcoming.



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Wasn't me! At least not that I can remember. I haven't played with it much since Beta testing.

Was thinking about this post and Roberts follow up suggestion of using a predicate.

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Resolved with the latest update, thank you!

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