Bug with HubMesh - Lutron Pico Devices

Found a bug with HubMesh.

If you connect a Lutron Pico (5-button), the Pico created in HubMesh will "push" button #5 about every 2 minutes.

I have lots of Pico's everywhere. HubMesh is cool but I'm forced to continue with HubConnect until this can get sorted.

Thanks much

This is connected through the Lutron Pro2 hub?

I connected a SmartThings button via Hub Mesh yesterday and it did the same as you described. It was going active every 1m 10secs.
On the hub it was paired with nothing was seen, but on the remote hub it was activating.
If memory serves me I think I disconnected it from being available on the remote hub, it went OFFLINE and when I reconnected it everything was OK.
Might be worth a try.

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Why use hub mesh and just not add the Lutron Integrator to the second hub?

That's what I'm doing with hubconnect now and it works fine.

I haven't seen hubmesh yet but have to assume you can pick the devices to sync?

I'm having other unrelated issues keeping hubconnect online and I will move to hubmesh eventually when things settle.

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Can't do that with Hubmesh since mode changes only go one way (one hub to another). They don't broadcast to all hubs (I have 8).

Thanks - gave it a shot but didn't seem to work. I'll report the issue to support. Cheers.

What do you mean by this? I have 4 hubs and just upgraded yesterday and wanted to use hub mesh instead of HC. Modes are important to sync across all 4 hubs and thought hub mesh would handle this. If this doesn’t work you’d be saving me time this week.

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@gopher.ny I wanted to confirm you saw this post about button bug across hub mesh.

Yes, I'm looking into it.

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Thanks @gopher.ny. I was planning to dismantle hubconnect this weekend and setup hub mesh and decided to test sharing a button with my dev hub yesterday. This is a SmartThings button that hasn’t been touched since I set this up yesterday afternoon. Here is the dev hub receiving updates via hub mesh where 395 events have been logged:

Here is actual device where you can see my push test and only 4 events have been logged:

@gopher.ny are you aware of an issue with modes syncing across multiple hubs as mentioned above? Unfortunately @tuffcalc never replied with more details on the issue mentioned above.

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