Bug with color selector on motion lighting app

The predefined colors available when using color per mode in the motion lighting app are incorrect. For example I select "warm white" from the dropdown with a hue light strip and when the rule is triggered the color of the light turns a greenish color instead of warm white.

Did you try other colors? Are you using a genuine Hue Strip or an "imitator"? (and i don't mean that in an insulting way, all of mine are non-genuine.) Can you select a color anywhere else on hubitat and get it to display the correct color? Basically, is the problem limited to motion lighting only?

Is the hue strip rgb or rgbw?

I am using geniune rgbw Hue strips. I played with it a little more and it is only the white colors that are off. White, warm white, daylight when selected in the motion lighting app all show up and strange shades of green. Other colors (red, green, blue, etc) work as expected. Setting the color directly on the device also works as expected. Setting the color temperature via the motion lighting app works as expected. It is only the white tones in the color picker dropdown on the motion lighting app that are incorrect.

Is hue strip RGB or RGBW as @mike.maxwell asked?

@mike.maxwell I get the same with hue color bulbs. Problem is the settings in HE are configured for the older gen 1 bulbs that cannot do green. When applied to gen 2 or bulbs that can do green they end up with a green tint.

First pic is having Button Controller setting them both to green, 2nd pic both set to soft white.

As you can see Gen 1 bulb on left cannot do green and looks good as soft white, bulb on right can do green and has a green tint when set to soft white.



Edit: for whites I started using CT instead of RGB, try 2900

Those predefined colors are just hue/sat combos that worked once on some bulb. If you want a true white, warm white, etc, you should definitely be using color temp, not color.

Thank you. This makes sense. I just started using a HE, and I have the newer Hue bulbs and the whites were killing me. I'll just play around with the manual light settings to find a good white. It would be nice if HE used a more traditional color scale, but I'm sure it won't be hard to figure out.

this is still an issue. setting a color should set the color correctly