BUG: Virtual Switch with auto-off turning back ON in Dashboard

Basic setup of the problem I'm reporting:

  1. I created a virtual switch and set its auto-off to 500ms
    Device ► Current States ► Switch: off

  2. I added the switch (as a switch template) to a Dashboard

3a. With that dashboard open, when I first click that tile... the tile goes ON, then OFF.
Device ► Current States ► Switch: on then off

3b. When I click it a 2nd time, the tile flashes ON - OFF - ON in rapid succession and remains ON.
Device ► Current States ► Switch: on then off

3c. When I click it a 3rd time, the tile goes OFF.
Device ► Current States ► Switch: off

  1. Subsequent clicks seem to cycle through the previous results.

Logs show:

While the device's Events list depicts the expected, regular On/Off behavior behind the scenes:

I think it's just the Dashboard updating strangely. Is there a synchronization problem here, between what the virtual switch is doing (updating itself in 0.5s) versus what the Dashboard is seeing (default LAN refresh rate of 2s)? Is it ever recommended to lower the DB's refresh delay to accommodate oddities like this? (seems doubtful)

This is all being done in Chrome (latest) browser on a PC running Windows 10 (latest) in the same network as my HE, so everything local and no discernible network lag.

I do have the same problem. Did you solve it?

Since that day, I haven't messed with Dashboard at all. Probably won't be a part of my HA workflow for many months to come, so sorry I can't really answer your question in the affirmative.

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