Bug using variable comparison as a trigger?

I'm certain this used to work before I updated to on my C7.

I have a rule that uses the value of a variable as a trigger. See here it's looking for WeatherTemperature >= 18

And the rule just triggered when it shouldn't have (WeatherTemperature = 13).

This is an old build. Try updating to the latest 2.3.6, which is as of my writing, and see if your problem persists. (There have been some Rule Machine fixes.)

If it does, I would suggest sharing a screenshot of your entire rule, along with log entries as you did that demonstrate the problem.

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Every time I update I'm afraid more things will break. Fix one thing, break another. Rinse and repeat. Using this platform is truly exhausting sometimes.

Please be sure that ALL logging is on for the rule, including Events and Triggers.

Why does the rest of the rule matter if the trigger is broken?

I've changed things now because I'm trying to find a workaround by adding more Conditions.

All logging is on. The trigger simply no longer works properly.

Your logs did not show it being triggered. It showed an Event, and then Actions -- so it's sort of hard to know what happened.

Actually I think I recently changed this rule to use the variable in the trigger rather than the temperature directly from the weather "device". So it's possible it never worked since then.

I'd suggest you test variable comparison triggers work properly.

Have you updated to the latest build? Please do so, as @bertabcd1234 was correct that there were bug fixes in RM. I will look into this...

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Actually, I think there may be a bug that has been fixed but not released. Do me a favor and look at the App Status page (gear icon). There is an Event Subscription for your trigger, for the variable. Please tell me what that says as to the Handler.

As I said I'm on

Yeah, that's the bug, allHandlerX is the wrong handler. This will be fixed in the next release. In the meantime, you could get around the bug by putting the condition WeatherTemperature >= 18 into a Conditional Trigger for that variable *changed*. That will get the correct handler, and perform the same test. Evidently the bug was introduced along with the introduction of Conditional Triggers.


Note also that if this is a concern, note that you have the ability to downgrade via the Diagnostic Tool. (Getting help with a bug report in an old build is also unusual, but unusual things happen sometimes. :smiley: )

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Sorry, bugs are inevitable, and unfortunately adding new features incurs this risk. We make it easy to roll-back to a previous build, and we make every possible effort to find and correct bugs. Beyond that, we're just humans that can and do make mistakes.

Oh, and you did uncover another bug with your post: the missing log entry for Triggered, also fixed in the next release.